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A patch that fixes landscape tears and reconnects a severed road section!

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Fixes major land tear issues caused by both Unique Landscapes Merged and TWMP Valenwood Improved right at the bottom of and Opposite banks of (Valenwood side) the River Ethe portion of Unique Landscapes Merged! Also reconnects the road that's been severed by such landscape tear with new road, although the road portion is quite rugged due to terrain inside the gorge!

-TWMP Valenwood Improved
-Unique Landscapes Merged
and of course Oblivion

Note: When I created the patch mod, I somehow failed to see what was on the Cyrodiil side and discovered that there is a land tear on the Cyrodiil side of the river as well that I failed to patch! I discovered this when testing the patch out in game! Somehow I thought everything was on the Valenwood side of the river and what was the lower part of the gorge on the Cyrodiil side, not what was much higher up on the Cyrodiil side! And since I don't know how to make an updated patch of the same .esp file name, I'm giving anyone out there who knows how to make an updated version of the same .esp file permission to update/upgrade the .esp file and either release it here or make a new mod page to release it there on the Oblivion Nexus site!