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Reconciles Morroblivion More Detailed Places and Hlaalu Project in and around Suran. For Morroblivion v66, but should work with older versions too.

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Suran in Morroblivion is much enhanced with Morroblivion - More Detailed Places (Nexus) and Morroblivion Hlaalu Project (morroblivion.com or Nexus). This patch reconciles MDP and the Hlaalu Project in Suran, in particular repairing land tears and reconstructing path grids everywhere.

You can use either the original French version of Morroblivion Hlaalu Project or my English translation.

This patch was made for Morroblivion v66 but should work also with older versions.

New additions in this patch:
  • There is a way to sleep in Desele's bedroom. Look around.
  • There's also a place to sleep outdoors. You will need to get rid of mudcrabs and slaughterfish first though.

In future I might add more NPCs, it is very empty there at the moment.

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Morroblivion MDP 2016
Morroblivion Hlaalu Project
Suran MDP - Hlaalu Patch