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When the dwarves found their eyesight ailing, they used specially crafted lenses to correct their vision. Despite the usefulness of these devices, "spectacles" never caught on with the rest of the world, and for the most part were ignored and forgotten. Until now. Having recently obtained the method to making these dwemer spectacles, a certain jeweler plans to bring them back. If he can't appeal to the public's sense of

Dwemer Spectacles v 3

Adds glasses to the game, which can be purchased from the jewelry store in the Imperial City market place.

There are wireframes, in four shapes:

Slender Rectangular

2 styles per shape:

Normal-- Worn at eye level
Loose-- Worn lower on the nose

4 color variations per shape:

Gold frame
Silver frame
Black frame
Shades-- Black frame and black lens

And two extras, a pair of rose colored glasses and highly reflective Mirrored glasses.


--Dwemer Goggles, Steampunk and Silver colored, worn regularly or lifted (worn on forehead)
--Monocles, gold or black with a gold chain
--The Alchemist's Lenses

--Eyepatches, with or without skull and swords decoration. Comes in S, M, L sizes. (Size refers to band size for different head shapes.)
--Certain eyewear modified to fit beast races and using the amulet slot instead of the tail:
*Round glasses
*Alchemist's Lenses
*Goggles (Khajit only update)

Misc Info:

--Uses the tail slot and for humanoid races only, unless specified for beast race.
--Naturally I can't guarantee that it will work flawlessly with every face shape, but I have been able to get it to
work for most of the ones I tried. You may have to edit a face a little to fit it without clipping, such as
making the bridge of the nose smaller.
--I tried, but just couldn't figure out havok data. So for ground models of the wireframe glasses, I've used a havoked
mesh given to me by XmarkstheSpot of the official boards. The shape is standard but the colors are at least appropriate.
For the non-glasses items, I've used a booklike object, because it was the most case-like thing I could find.

Editing info:
--Feel free to recolor the wireframes, it's easy. Each piece (frames, lens, nose pad) uses a 128x128 pixel texture with a solid color.
--You can find all items in the CS with the prefix "KD."