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JAVWD2. A mod that adds optimized VWD/LOD models with a single texture atlas per world space.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds optimized VWD (visible when distant)/LOD models for vanilla (Bethesda made) and for hundreds of the most noticeable exterior objects. The models share an atlas textures. This results in better performance than the traditional way of having multiple textures per object. Now we have just one texture per world space.

  • BAIN installer with pre-made sets or ability to pick modules
  • Cyrodiil world space (over 800 objects) (+DLCs, all vanilla VWDs are included in the atlas for better performance)
  • Shivering Isles world space (over 160 objects)


  • Oblivion realm (+Oblivion gates to Cyrodiil world space)
  • Broader texture pack support
  • Custom VWD generation with custom texture loadout

Installation (choose a or b):

  1. a) Vanilla or upscaled textures: install with BAIN installer
  2. b) Qarls Texture Pack III + Bomret's Texture Pack: install manually (you don't need the vanilla files for these)
  3. run TES4LODGen

  • after Unofficial Oblivion Patch (If used. It has poorly optimized and non-atlassed vwds)


  1. remove as any other mod
  2. run TES4LODGen

  • I recommend (Vanilla medium, high or ultimate resolution meshes 2_31) from Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5 to prevent seeing floating VWD due to poor vanilla landscape accuracy
  • Pictures are taken using mod said above (ultimate), no other mods and .ini tweak just to make tree LOD appear bit futher
  • You can use other VWD mods but keep in mind then they won't be atlassed with the models from this mod
  • This mod differs from the original J3 Atlassed VWD by having baked atlas texture. That allows lower poly _far without losing detail. Also this mod has atlas per world space rather than atlas per module (Ayleid Ruins, Fort Ruins etc.)