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I wanted to make this mod a while back, I just couldn't find certain mods I saw back then. So after taking a peek into my download history and navigate through hundreds of big booty elven followers I didn't recall having downloaded, I finally found the resources I so desperately needed ?)

I placed all the items in a chest right next to Chorrol castle hall. There are heavy and light armor versions.

To install the mod just place the data folder in your game root and activate the .esp

Creds to:
Lightrider for the utility belt model
Edocsil for the bandolier model (it's the one in the thief armor cuirass but I felt lazy enough to isolate it myself)
da mage for the monk bottom robe model resource
Zeus_II for the Claymore model
pale_riders for the cape model
Bethesda for the rest

You can do whatever you want with this mod, just give credits honey :>