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This mod adds a hidden necromancer shop in the Market District of the Imperial City.

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Hidden along the north wall of the Market District in the Imperial City, lies The Black Mirror; a necromancer shop catering to the wicked. There, the player will be able to purchase items that are crucial for the practicing necromancer as well as the ability to create Black Soul Gems by performing a rather diabolical ritual.

  • Spooky decorations.
  • Custom sounds.
  • Custom models.
  • An enchantment chamber.
  • An alchemy chamber, complete with its own set of static Master Apparatuses and a witch's cauldron that provides a magicka boost once a day.
  • A convenient location to buy Necromancer Robes, rare ingredients, soul gems, and summoning spells.
  • An alternative way to create Black Soul Gems by performing a hellish ritual that requires fresh human hearts that have been harvested from your enemies.

Harvesting Hearts
Fresh Human Hearts are required to perform the black soul gem ritual. The hearts are harvested off of dead NPCs (except creatures) using a unique tool called the "Heart Extraction Tool", which can be purchased from the shopkeeper. With the extraction tool equipped, stand over a dead NPC and hold down the attack button to begin the procedure. With the attack button held, it may take several seconds for the heart to be extracted, and a splat of blood will appear on the victim indicating that the heart has been extracted and the procedure has been completed.


Extract the contents of the zip file into your data directory and then activate the plugin.


Any mod that adds to or alters the Market District may conflict with the area where the shop entrance is located. Mods that are currently incompatible with this mod are:
  • Better Cities
  • ImpeREAL City - Unique Districts

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