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Makes Modryn Oreyn's painting of him and Ajum-Kajin look a bit more Renaissance-y

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Does it break your immersion when you enter a castle, and the walls are covered with framed screenshots of generic landscapes? Do you feel like Rythe Llythandas' paintings are overrated? Do you think Astia Inventius should paint something other than the Anvil Lighthouse for a change? Do you duplicate Chanel's painting using glitches because Oblivion is in dire need of decoration?

Well me too, but this mod does nothing about this.

However, if you think Modryn Oreyn's painting looks like he made it in MS Paint, and would rather it look like it was made on Krita in a desperate attempt to make it look vaguely like a Renaissance preparatory drawing... Well, that's oddly specific, but it's your lucky day!