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Added: 24/06/2006 - 06:47AM
Updated: 30/11/2007 - 04:33PM

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Last updated at 16:33, 30 Nov 2007 Uploaded at 6:47, 24 Jun 2006

Don't you hate how quickly the beautiful days pass by in Tameriel? This mod aims to make the game more enjoyable by making the days longer and the nights shorter so you can do more adventuring and less waiting. Specifically it makes the hours between sunrise and sunset 50% longer and nightime 50% shorter. Moreover this mod will work with any mod that adjust the game's timescale so long as it is installed after that mod.

NOTE: If you play a vampire use my Longer Nights for Vampires mod

Version 1.1 - June 27, 2006
- Major bugfix
- Improved compatibility with other timescale mods

Version 1.0 - June 23, 2006
- Initial public release