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A heavy version of the Mithril armor set with stats equivalent to Daedric, meant for endgame. Includes a matching longsword.

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This mod adds a heavy version of the Mithril armor set, as well as a longsword, with stats equivalent to Daedric, meant for endgame (20lvl+).

Inspired by the godly Vanilla Gear Redux, which makes the Mithril armour look like endgame material. 

The longsword uses the appearance of "Brusef Amelion's Sword", which matches the armour nicely.


The equipment is said to belong to Allanon, a long forgotten Elven Paladin, hero of the past.

Rumors say he is buried deep inside the Ayleid ruins of Vilverin.


It's just an esp file. Drop it in your Data folder or use your favourite mod manager.


I feel like the Mithril armor from ElAlquimista's Vanilla Gear Redux is such high quality work, that it deserved to be used in the endgame rather than
for a short period of time while leveling. It also looks too well crafted to be low level gear. Did I mention it looks really cool as well?

In Oblivion, as well as Skyrim, I could never bring myself to wear Daedric armour...
Daedric gear, while pretty cool, looks very... alien. It just feels awkward walking around in cities in it, I don't know.

For all you crazy Spellsword/Paladin builds out there.
Feel free to ask anything.