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The Oblivion Title Music or OTM is a simple mod that supersedes the prior title music created by Bethesda to this delightful Skyrim soundtrack which is known as Awake. It is a very soothing soundtrack to start your day once you launch Oblivion!

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Oblivion Title Music
By WhimsicalGlarthir


Oblivion Title Music, or simply ???, is an effortless but a fine title music replacer that changes the built-in title music orchestrated by Jeremy Soule and superseded by an enlightening Skyrim soundtrack that might bolster your mood.


The installation process is relatively easy, and it won't take long!

     1. Create a backup folder for the default title music which is tes4edit.

Data > Music > Special
        Before superseding it with this mod, creating a backup folder is your discretion since it is highly dependent on whether or not you prefer to keep the default title music.

    2. Extract the archive to the Oblivion directory.

Now, you have your mod ready to go!


This mod is practically compatible with every mod there is with the exception of title music replacers.

P.S. This is my very first mod, so I hope you will find this to your liking!