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Remakes the Imperial Market Districts vendors inventories, adding COBL and Jobs items as well as an expanded assortment of Vanilla goods

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This mod edits all of the "unique" Vendor chests connected to vendors in the Imperial Market District, adding all of the "Uniques" from the various vendors to Thoronir's Uniques chest. This also adds many new items to their inventories, Such as COBL's gem dusts, and Jobs' Ingots and sets their chests to respawn. 

Shops Affected:
The Copious Coinpurse: All unique items previously found scattered have been relocated here.
Three Brothers Trade Goods: Adds several COBL alcohols, COBL ingredients, Sload Soap and tobacco among others.
Divine Elegance: Adds several enchanted clothing items, and All Upper Class clothings in quantity.
First Edition: Adds many new books, COBL and Vanilla.
The Main Ingredient: Adds COBL's gem dusts in industrial quantities, and some cheap wine and cyrodiilic brandy.
The Gilded Carafe: Adds several Master Alchemist sets for sale, and Telvanni Ale.
Stonewall Shields: Adds several Vanilla Glass and Ebony enchanted shields, as well as a small quantity of normal shields.
A Fighting Chance: Adds Vanilla Glass and Ebony weapons, and Arrows (including enchanted) in quantity
Red Diamond Jewelry: Adds Flawless Stones, All but level one and two (brass and bronze) types of vanilla Jewelry, JOBS Glass, Ebony, Gold, and Silver Ingots, COBL's pristine ores, Ayleid coins, all for bulk Bullion buying.
The Mystic Emporium: Adds Grand Soul Gems, both filled and not, in Bulk. Also adds a library of scrolls, gold ingots for Ayleid Well magic, Arcana Restored books, Welkynd and Varla stones.
Rindir's Staffs: Adds many vanilla staffs.
The Best Defense: Adds a full suit of both Vanilla Glass and Ebony to Vanardo's inventory.

This started as a mod for myself to edit the Red Diamond Jewelry store, so I could be a rich-prick lord buying bulk Bullion. As you see, it steadily grew into the overhaul of the Imperial City Market it is now.

Requires COBL 00 Core, Oblivion Better Mining, and Oblivion Jobs.

Post-Script edit. The Cobl alcohols added to inventories interface with my expansion on Lap's Inebriation mod.