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Adjusts the inventories of bookstores to include vanilla books previously left out

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Welcome to the 51st installment of my Oblivion Immersion Series. 

So I'm breaking with my usual pattern and doing a request mod.  This idea was brought to you by Jathom95, who PMed me with the suggestion.  Please don't get any ideas that I am open to a free-for-all of suggestions and requests - I decided on to make an exception here because it was a idea that charmed me and is simple to implement. 

Bibliophilia is the love of books.  Books are the lifeblood of the Elder Scrolls series - most of the lore comes from them.  And for lore-nerds of the completionist bent, books make great items to collect.  But getting them all is a pain.  Some are locked behind quests or only found tucked away in obscure locations.  This mod alleviates this problem a bit by expanding the inventories of the book sellers in the vanilla bookstores to include a randomized assortment of books that the vanilla game excluded from the merchant lists.  Some are common books that should be widely available but aren't for some reason, and others are rarities.

Books that are one of a kind (like people's diaries), or are quest-related like Knightfall (part of the Tears of the Savior quest) and the Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes are excluded.  Quest-related books like Modern Heretics and The Cleansing of the Fane are included because they are technically attainable from the start of the game.  Skill books are also now available at bookstores, but are randomized and only a few are available at a time.  This was a balancing choice so that the player can't just buy a bunch of skill books all at once.  Making the expanded selection randomized also adds some longevity by justifying returning to bookstores time and again to see what new merchandise is in stock.

Last, note that books added by the expansion packs are excluded as well.      


Oblivion Version 1.2.0416

Installation Instructions

Copy contents into your Oblivion data folder

Uninstallation Instructions

Delete the added contents


Will be incompatible with any mods that altar the merchandise leveled lists for book sellers.  

Known Issues

None at the moment


Feel free to come to me with questions or issues and I will help as best as I can.  That said, please bear in mind that I am a novice modder and may not be able to offer much in the way of assistance.

Thanks to:

Bethesda Softworks
The makers of these wonderful resources
TES Nexus
LHammonds - Readme Generator
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
Jathom95 - for the mod suggestion

I am making this mod open to revision by the public.  If you have any ideas of how to expand or improve upon this mod, then go ahead.  No permission needed.  All I ask is that you give credit to me and to the creators of these resources.  This mod and its contents may not be used or distributed commercially.