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Adds an "outskirts" area outside both gates of New Sheoth. Includes new NPCs, shops, flora and decor, and stretches as far as the graveyard outside Crucible and the walkway outside Bliss.

Permissions and credits
1.1 Update: There aren't any major changes, just a bunch of small ones, so you won't miss out too terribly if you choose not to update. This update mainly exists so that hopefully users with OOO will have less dead NPCs, haha! This update deletes one of the enemy spawn points outside of Bliss and adds patrolling guards to both sides of the town. The guards are copies of the vanilla wilderness guards, just with different schedules, so they should be plenty strong. I also fleshed out the farm area and pathfinding outside Crucible a bit. I changed a few cell names and door ownership that slipped my notice the first time. I adjusted the stats of some NPCs to make them more resilient. I added a few pieces of static decor and flora in some places. And I grounded a lot of floating objects - I was doing a lot of havok testing at one point and evidently forgot undo the testing before the original release, so now many of the objects in question should be back down to their proper surfaces!

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: The areas outside of the New Sheoth gates are very pretty, but very empty. Unless you're intentionally avoiding fast travel, there's hardly any reason to step foot outside the gates - all that's out there is an unfriendly guard and the occasional enemy or two! SI New Sheoth Outskirts (which I will shorten to SINSO for convenience) aims to fix that by adding new NPCs, new shops, new buildings, new flora, and new decor outside both of the gates of New Sheoth to make them places worth traveling through.

Outside of BLISS, you'll find a handful of small shops (one of which is a fence) living alongside some fishers - those smoked baliwog legs have to come from somewhere! The area itself is quite small, as Bliss itself is also quite small, but some new flora and such was added all the way down the walkway to make up for it. Outside of CRUCIBLE, you'll find a handful of small shops built into the side of the hill. Crucible is quite bigger, and so there was more room for the new area along with some new visual elements - you'll now find a waterfall leading out from the city (all the water on the ground in there has to go SOMEWHERE) and a few spots for farmers to work to supply the dueling alchemy stores. At the GRAVEYARD, a gravetender's house has been added - but moreover, there will now be some new decor that spawns in with certain gravestones!

INSTALLATION: This is just an .esp with no custom resources, simply install the same way you install any other .esp :)
Don't run both versions at the same time! If you have the original 1.0 release of this mod and wish to upgrade to this new 1.1 release, then do just as you would do for other .esp's:
  1. Go into a cell that IS NOT affected by SINSO and save your game there.
  2. Uninstall the original SINSO .esp however you installed it in the first place.
  3. Install the new SINSO .esp the same way you install any other .esp :)
COMPATIBILITY: SINSO will conflict with any mod that adds in content to the same cells, of course. Notably, SINSO WILL CONFLICT with the mods New Sheoth Manor by Stapleninja and CrackerJackD, and Open Cities - New Sheoth. If anyone is up to making any patches for these mods, though, you have my permission to do so - I don't use personally them so I can't make the patches myself.

However, I can confirm this mod DOES NOT conflict with the mod Rooftop Rewards by Chaos_ian7 despite editing the same cell because I intentionally left the spot in question alone.

KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES: It's technically not a bug, but sometimes, an enemy near the gates will wander too close to the settlement and attack some of the NPCs. To mitigate this, I both moved the enemy spawn points in question farther away and added both a Dark Seducer and a Golden Saint guard near where the conflicts generally occur. The 1.1 update hopefully addresses this issue.


Bethesda for creating the game and the CS, and for allowing us fans to create and share mods for their wonderful games! I am not affiliated with Bethesda in any way and am making no money off of this mod. Same thing applies to this mod as applies to any other mod - that I am not responsible for your computer or your save file so install responsibly!

The TES4EDIT team - this mod was cleaned with TES4QuickAutoClean 4.0.3!

The idea of using the ruins doorway piece to create a makeshift sewer entrance comes from the fantastic mod Koyo Town by the Japanese modder HESU! So I'd like to give credit to HESU for such creative ways to use vanilla assets as well as thanks to mhahn123 for translating HESU's mods into English :)

big thanks to nexusmods user isjoke for helping out with troubleshooting! :)