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Tar'Mi female follower Mod 1.1 update

Tar'Mi.esp replacer (just added "Tar'Mi's Inventory " to Special Services menu.)

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Tar'Mi female follower Mod 1.1 updateTar'Mi.esp replacer (just added  "Tar'Mi's Inventory " to Special Services menu.)Tar'Mi is a Companion mod . The mod adds a powerful "pet summoner/battlemage" female follower that acts as a remote chest, Merchant, and trainer. And  it it will give you Access to  pets,a duplicater Chest, SpellMaking, Enchantment, Treasure Chest,and Tar'Mi TRAVEL .Tar'Mi can be found in the IC Market Installation - Unzip the zip into your Oblivion/Data folder. Activate Tar'Mi.esp under "Data Files" or in the Oblivion Mod Manager. I would like to thank all the great modders from Nexus that put out such great work. I'm especially thankful to WillieSea and his Ancient Towers mod that has inspired me to try my hand at modding,and zdswulyx and Always Z for the Luggage Companion mod Legal and Permissions=====================You can re-use any of the objects, textures or scripts from this mod,