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Adds sounds of defecation when the player or an NPC is using an outhouse, a toilet, or unloading in the wilderness using toilet paper.

Permissions and credits
Requires Basic Personal Hygiene

This is a simple modification for the mod, "Basic Personal Hygiene", by Maskar. It adds a range of high-quality pooping and urination sounds when the player or an NPC is using a toilet, an outhouse, or a piece of toilet paper. Depending on how degraded the player's toilet stat is, the sounds can range from total toilet & landscape annihilation to minor trickles of urine. NPCs, on the other hand, don't have a toilet stat, so their sounds aren't determined by that statistic. The sounds are also designed to stop seamlessly when the toilet stat reaches or is close to 100%, or manually by simply getting up off of the toilet or moving around while using toilet paper.

The sounds were captured after many chipotle meals with a recorder on standby, and during many trips to the restroom using a waterproof recorder taped to the inside of the toilet bowl. I took the best bits and pieces from the recordings and pieced them together to create hilarious arrangements of flatulence and diarrhea (34 in total).


Copy the files from the data folder and paste them into your data directory and then activate the plugin. Make sure this mod loads after Basic Personal Hygiene.

Load Order
  • Basic Personal Hygiene.esp
  • Sounds of Defecation for Basic Personal Hygiene.esp

Credit: All sounds were captured by the user, "The Diarrhea God" on YouTube.

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