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A highly optimised alternative to the original Shield on Back plugins, completely rebuilt with heavily reduced scripting. Shields will be displaced from the players arm to the back whenever weapons are sheathed.

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Simple Shield on Back
Oblivion Script Extender


Tycho's Shield on Back is a great mod, and I remember always playing with it back in the day. The mod makes it so that your shield is equipped to your back whenever you have a weapon sheathed, rather than permanently carrying it on your arm. However, I was recently turned off from it once I realised that it is VERY heavily scripted, and requires a long script to be run on the player and every loaded NPC every. single. frame. Therefore, it was probably responsible for some game instability and stutter. Because of this, I decided to make my own version.

Simple Shield on Back is a complete re-scripting of the original shield-on-back concept, this time implementing it in a highly streamlined fashion, characteristic of my other mods. This is a complete and optimised replacement for the original Tycho's Shield on Back plugin, but uses the original files and so supports all the mods already supported by Tycho's mod.

Additionally, you can swap your shield from your arm to your back by re-equipping it using a vanilla hotkey assignment whilst it is on your back. If you do this, it will stay equipped on your arm until you unequip it and re-equip it again (e.g. if you press the hotkey you have it assigned to again it will unequip, and then again it will re-equip to your back).

I've always liked mods that add things to your character's back to make them look more 'geared up'. Since my Oblivion cloak and backpack mod has been in limbo for the better part of a year due to waiting for permissions, I thought I'd turn my attention to shields.


  • This mod only supports the player, unlike the original. This was done to cut down on the scripting, but also because I prefer it this way.
  • This mod only supports shields, and not one-handed weapons like in 1H Weapon On Back for SoB. I recommend something like Sheath Swap if you want that feature.


This mod requires the Oblivion Script Extender.

Add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice. You must also download the shield meshe files you want from the original Tycho's Shield on Back and any other Shield on Back addons for other mods, installing only the meshes folders. The process for Mod Organizer is given below:

  1. Download and install this mod as normal.
  2. Download Tycho's Shield on Back, and select to install manually.
  3. Uncheck all files in the mod structure, and then re-enable only the meshes folder.
  4. Change the name of the mod to match this mod's name (Simple Shield on Back).
  5. Click OK, and select Merge when prompted.
  6. Repeat the process for any other Shield on Back addons, such as for OOO, MMM, or Frans, etc.

Knights of the Nine support is included in Addon for Shield on Back. Same process as above: install just the meshes.


Just uncheck the mod. Uninstalling this mod will have no permanent effects on your save game.

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