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An adaptation of Alenet's Oblivion Reloaded which expands upon the already excellent shadow system. This version vastly reduces shadow pop in and adds several other lighting balance and visual changes for a more immersive experience.

Permissions and credits
IMPORTANT: This is an UNOFFICIAL version of Oblivion Reloaded. Support for this version should not be sought in any official TESReloaded domain (ie. Discord, Website, etc). Do not contact the Oblivion Reloaded author, Alenet, regarding this version.

What is this?

This is my personal version of Oblivion Reloaded. We’ll call it "Oblivion Reloaded E3", mostly for lack of a better name, but also because I referenced some of the old E3 videos to help balance interior light and shadows....I think it’s somewhat fitting.

I initially had no intentions for release however I feel some of the concepts in this version should be shared. Most of the changes focus on shadow and lighting balance and the elimination of shadow pop-in but there were several additional changes applied along the way. This version is based on the official Oblivion Reloaded 8.3 and adds the following changes to its feature set: (See posts for explanation of the latest changes)

  • Exterior Point Light Shadows
  • Up to 12 point lights for shadow rendering (increased from 4)
  • Weighted light/shadow blending
  • Additional forward shadows for interiors
  • Moon based directional lighting
  • Moon based shadows
  • Moon phase based lighting
  • Moon post processing "rays" effect
  • Day/Night dynamic interior & window lighting
  • Various bug fixes.


See "Docs" section for readme. The recommendations are...strongly recommended.


OR E3's main focus is to provide a highly immersive shadow and lighting implementation. 

This version might be of your interest IF:
  • You primarily use OR for shadows
  • You are willing to sacrifice performance for visuals
  • You have a system comparable or better than the following: Intel 5930K, Nvidia GTX1080 (my system)

Quick note on performance....I've play tested on a much less powerful system than listed above (Intel 3550, Nvidia GTX670) and found the performance acceptable, there's just less guarantee in that realm and much less head room for additional performance intensive mods.

The screenshots posted are examples of a completely vanilla game with Oblivion Reloaded E3 installed. No additional mods were used for these visuals.


All credits go to the original author, Alenet. None of this would be possible without his incredible work and the work of the project's contributors:

For information on the official Oblivion Reloaded, visit https://www.tesreloaded.com

Have fun!