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The Firmament is a lore-friendly mod and quest for the star-gazers of Tamriel. Follow this questline to receive unique, monthly blessings by the star signs above. Gain magical enhancements unique to each monthly constellation to aid in your explorations of Tamriel.

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Welcome to The Firmament, a quest and mod for Oblivion.

Have you ever looked upon the stars of Tamriel and wondered at their wanderings? Have you ever scoured the constellations for your sign and to know if they are looking back at you? This mod is for you.

This is a lore-friendly mod that adds a simple questline to bless to those who look upon the stars with a magical enchantment. Each month a new constellation rises over Tamriel and each clear night you look upon the stars you will be blessed by a unique spell relevant to the star sign above. But be wary of The Serpent that wanders, for he knows who are his children.

Enjoy this new addition to the Oblivion world to enrich your experience with the nights above. A guide to this experience will be added to your character when journey in game to point you in the right direction.


Notes and Requirements:
- This Mod only requires the base Oblivion game
- The Quest will only begin some time after you have reached Level 5
-  Find the Spanish Version here