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An attempt to create a New Land separated from my Tamriel Project: Hammerfell WIP. Current version 5.6.0.

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To you all:
From the comment from davidberryg12 I guessed that was caused by the UL.
Now is not the time to do anything about that. The mod is progressing as we speak .
Follow the image section too where there are reports.
I have to take a break now due to the pandemy and that I have isolated myself this winter.
Now it is biking time and I want to suck this season empty to compensate for what I have missed
My guess the mod needs at least two weeks before it can be published. That is 24/7 two weeks
If anyone wants to contribute I am open for that. Just PM me. Mr_Siika's pieces or modules are one of a kind.
That is something I don't want to mess up too much.
To that comes I am 76 years old or young - I bike faster than many on a bike.
Some holidays are needed after the year we have been through.
I love you all and wish you the best.


Now is the time
not to brag
Now is the time
to behave

A NEW version of HighrockModified.ESP uploaded. Install after you have followed the new Description!
Overwrite anything when asked!

(NB! There are several successful installs with my first collection of files. Take it easy and it will work for you too.
Folllow the new instruction from now on.)
Thank you all for responding - makes my day. No joking.
Instruction - How to install:
High Rock Height Map - Contains 2 .rar-files, the map and the terrain and 1 .ESM
Mr_Siikas Highrock Resources - Contains meshes, textures, one plugin named "DaggerfallResources02"
and a second plugin named "HighrockVillage" and a ReadMe doc.
"HighrockVillage" is a replacer for testing purposes. I guess it needs to run with my PATCH at this point.

-You will find a Teleport Tower door where I placed a Wreck. Use the Wreck Door to teleport to my Daggerfall.

In my case that should leave the:
HighRockVillage.ESP and
and my PATCH HighRockModified.ESP which replaces the original version.

The NEW "Highrock Map" should be installed when you load your new GEM in your setup :)
You can only teleport back and forth from my Daggerfall City.
No fast travels before the mod has come to a certain point.
Don't give up.
Your troubles are always around as long as you challenge yourself.
There is still a lot left to do in and around Daggerfall City

I love your responses. Take care.

You will find a Teleport Wreck to the West of Anvil by a MapMarker.
You will find a the second teleport inside the Gate of Daggerfall City.

To cope with the massive space of Tamriel I had to divide it in "smaller" parts.
Like now for Highrock which in the first place will include Daggerfall.
Hopefully this will create more elbowroom to continue my Hammerfell WIP-mod.
If my Highrock/Daggerfall project succeeds maybe someone can invent an easier way to merge larger projects.
- I am improving my skills as well.

2 contributors must be mentioned at this point:
Mr_Siika's Mr_Siikas Highrock Resources
High Rock Mod Team/The Old Ye Bard's High Rock Height Map
Some images are uploaded.

Have a nice journey folks :)