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Master your Marksman Gameplay. Features: Auto-Equip Arrows, Bound Arrows for Bound Bows, Denock Arrows, and Ability to Tweak Misc. Arrow Based Settings. All Features are Optional, Configurable, and Highly Stable.

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SB Arrow Master

Requires: OBSE | LINK (Optional)

Master your Marksman Gameplay. 


1. Auto-Equip Arrows:

- Auto-Equip arrows when bow is equipped, remove arrows when bow is removed.
- Last equipped arrow gets priority.
- After that arrows are selected based on damage and then by arrow count.
- Enchanted arrows can be included or excluded from selection, or selected as a last resort when no alternatives are found.

2. Bound Arrows for Bound Bows:

- Infinite Bound Arrows are added to Player or NPCs while Bound Bow is equipped.
- Bound Arrows will vanish when unequipped, loosed, or on hit.
- Bound Arrows cannot be sold, dropped, or stored in containers.
- Bound Arrow damage is 11 by default. This can be changed via the ini or LINK menu.

3. Denock Arrows:

- Drawn arrows can now be "Denocked" and returned to the quiver without being shot.
- Denock-Key can be set via the ini or LINK menu (default: equip/unequip key).
- Denock-Animation can also be set via the ini or LINK menu.

4. Misc. Arrow Settings:

- Adjust specific arrow based settings on the fly using the LINK menu.
- Arrow Inventory Chance: Percentage chance of recovering arrows from fallen enemies
- Arrow Age Max: Time in seconds for loose arrows to remain in the game world.
- Arrow Max Ref Count: amount of loose arrows that can exist in the game world at once.

* Arrows in this game are Weird. I believe this to be the most stable implementation of these features on the Nexus, and it involves effective workarounds for many vanilla bugs that have plagued mods attempting to include these features in the past. However; Please let me know if any unusual behavior occurs so that I can fix it.

Thanks to Maskar for creating LINK.

Thanks to the OBSE team.