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This Mod brings a formerly threat to Oblivion: The Frost-King! ---

Sounds boring, doesn't special? Of course not! + BIG UPDATE!

Permissions and credits
Find the Ayleid-Ruin: Rielle and fight for an unique artifact!

A Staff of Frost with the Power to turn you in a Frost Atronach itself!
But this is not enough? The Staff summons 2 Frost Atronach Guardians to your service,
ignoring friendly hits!
Are you man (or woman) enough to fight this Giant?( ^_^)
Make the Power of the Frost to your own!  (_(")(")

To tame the power of the staff, you can regenerate and absorb some magic!

"Activate" the Golems to show a menu to give any orders...

Or unequip the staff and show is over! ^^ (Nature & Oblivion - Staves 1.0)

Version 3.2
- found a secret glitch to become 4 servants instead of 2
- added a "Little Golem Stash" who carry all your stuff and treasures
- the "Boss" now starts combat at "activate" and disappears after death
- the Artifact will be placed directly in your bag
- new Script : "activate" a Golem to show a menu to give any orders
- added "Emblem" wich gives some benefit at "clicking" it... It "refills" on reset
- i decided to give the emblem for free as a present for supporting me... its in the "Golem-Stash"
  if you to weak to fight the giant at the moment, then you can at least benefit from it
- reworked and rebalanced enchantments and Golem strength
- the Golems now teleport if they stuck or too far behind you
- you can find the "Golem Stash" at Rielle above the entrance, 
  if you accidentally put the staff into the little Golem, then you can take it out again

- UPLOAD : online...

Future Plans: Adding some useful Ice-Themed content, make him a Throne etc...
Adding a rideable Golem... Maybe... if the owner responses my request...
I work on a better script to give the golems commands with menu on "activate"...

p.s.:   I choose the "Staff-Weapons" because of the lack of Mods with them... (swords are my favorite as well)
  If you find something to take care of or tweak the Enchantments or something else ... just tell me!
  Maybe you know a perfect free-to-use resource for this mod...

p.s.:   my pictures are only examples of what it could look like,
          depending on which mods you are using, the result will look different
          (I have only an old 32-bit Workstation wich limited my graphics possibilities drastically)

p.s.:   If you like, download:   https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/29569  for better
          creature textures and extract the Frost-Atronach textures if you like it "darker"... (last pictures above)

Fully Credits to "Trollf" for the Frost Atronach Armor - Mod
Please download and endorse this, copy and rename the bsa-Archive to "Legend of Frost".bsa
or my mod will not work correctly (missing Meshes); and place it in "DATA" as usual...


Fully Credits to "chakaru11" for the Aion-Polaris-Staff - Mod
(Don´t forget to say: "Thank you" !)

find it at:    https://chakaru-11.livejournal.com/    (you need to download it there)


I leave comments and contact Trollf on the Forum...
I have ask for permission, to use this Archive but it seems to be an abandoned Profile...
I cant send messages to this user directly ... maybe blocked ... I didnt know ...
So I cant upload a own bsa-archive... sorry...

The Great "chakaru11" give me permission to use the "AION-Polaris Staff" for my Frost-King Staff...
In order to use it with my mod, additional data is needed... See in the "Readme first" for more details.
Because Nexus wont Uploads/Rips from other games. (its to risky for me)

This is copied from Trollfs Original Readme:

If you have any questions, comments, etc. related to this mod just mail me or drop me some personal message (nickname Trollf) on official TESForums.
Last Words:
This mod is being provided as freeware. Please feel free to change its content to suit your personal desires. All I ask is that you don't claim/release it as your own and if you want to use part of it give me a credits for what I have done.

So i publish my Mod today and hope you like it as i do... Did you notice the rabbit?