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Have you ever wondered what is up with the Shivering Isles? Why can't you buy a house? Madman or Madgod, you deserve a place to stash all the artefacts you want to hoard but can't drag along everywhere. This mod adds a player home to Crucible in New Sheoth, affectionately named "Old Crucible Home". Just ignore the bloodstains.

Permissions and credits
Read the Introduction for the crash course, here we'll go into detail. Pretend I'm impersonating a Shivering Isles Realtor leading you through muck with a fake accent.

The home can be found in Crucible, build into the outer walls of the city close to Ma'zaddha's back door. Tucked into the corner, because being out in the open where you can just get stabbed is Not Done in Crucible. The backstory of this house is whatever you wish to come up with to explain away the bloodstains. I like to claim the previous owner got mysteriously blown up doing mysterious things. 

Inside the house, you'll find a lower and upper floor. Lower floor has a dinner table and some food storage, a reading nook without a chair, some display space and a desk to study things (ew) to your heart's content! Maybe you'd like to study the hearts of your enemies? I'm sure Arden-Sul would approve. At the very top of the stairs is the customary shrine to Lord Sheogorath with some complimentary lettuce offerings. To spruce up your Sheogorath shrine, consider adding yarn and a lesser soul gem or two. Consider taking them from someone else, if not, are you even a Crucible inhabitant? 

The upper floor is the bedroom, basically. It has a sitting area with some fire on display (ooh, add a skull if you can handle the frustration of placing a skull in a tiny display case. Or leave it as is, your choice), more display space in a display case - look at my rhyming genius there - and a counter. There's a dressing area with a cupboard to store all your clothes, and a nice, large bed with a mattress as hard as a Grummite's skull. Don't mind the door next to the bed. Or if you do, again, don't mind the stains. I had nothing to do with it. There are some more storage chests, a small alchemy lab with state of the art equipment, and enchanting and spellmaking places. Can't call them altars, makes Sheogorath's toes itch. Do enjoy your new home... Locks not included, but you wouldn't trust a lock maker, now would you? 

- This mod uses no assets from other mods
- Mod requires Oblivion base game and Shivering Isles DLC. 
- Mod has been cleaned with TES4 Edit.
- Oblivion (GOTY recommended)
- Shivering Isles DLC
Paste .esp into your Oblivion/Data folder and check the box in Wyre or OBMM. 
De-activate the mod's .esp via Wyre Bash or OBMM, or simply manually delete it from Oblivion/Data. 
Should work with anything and everything that does not change the layout of Crucible. Or it does work but the clipping is artistic expression.