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This mod adds a small to medium-sized player home most suited to mages. It's compatible with Unique Landscapes, but also works with the base game, and has been cleaned with TES4 Edit. Has display areas, a study, spellmaking, alchemical garden, enchanting, dining room, bedroom.

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What is this mod?
This mod (the first I dare to upload) adds a small to medium-sized player home most suited to a mage or alchemy-oriented character. I made it for personal use (For my Sheogorath-worshipping Healer, which can be seen in the items around the home) but decided to upload it here in case someone else is interested.

The refuge consists of two display areas, a study/library area with spell making altar, a small alchemical garden with an alchemy lab and an enchanting lab (with enchanting altar), a dining room, small kitchen, and bedroom. Since it was made for a Sheogorath worshipper, it includes a small shrine to the Madgod as well (With working Altar, though I've used the vanilla Nine Divines Altar here).

Where to find the place:
You can find the refuge next to the Bravil stables (the closest Fast Travel point). Walk around the stables and back towards the river - or jump into the river and swim if you're into that sort of thing - to the small dock area near the bridge. Should be fairly easy to find. 

Three Important Things to Know Beforehand:

1. This mod requires Oblivion and the Shivering Isles DLC. 
2. This mod has been cleaned with TES4 Edit.
3. This mod is "Unique Landscapes" compatible.

- Oblivion (GOTY recommended)
- Shivering Isles DLC
- Being a fan of Sheogorath (I mean, not a requirement, per se. But it would be weird to have an Altar dedicated to a Daedra you don't even like.)

Paste .esp into your Oblivion/Data folder and check the box in Wyre or OBMM. 

De-activate the mod's .esp via Wyre Bash or OBMM, or simply manually delete it from Oblivion/Data.  

Recommended Mods:
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