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A super-short, lore-friendly quest to become a Lich without any new magic systems to bog your save or racial changes to mess up your character's face.

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As much as complex mods can be fun, sometimes simpler ones are more in line with what you're looking for.
Lichdom Lite is an undeath mod with no bells or whistles. Become a Lich, get some magic effects, the indifference of unbound lesser undead, and all without changing your character's appearance (Which, if you're like me, you spent way too much time on to risk messing up).


>Changes the interior of Cadlew Chapel and introduces a quest that takes place entirely within the same cell.
--Pick up the "Necromancer's Journal" atop the table inside the chapel to start the quest.
--Journal can be read for a bit of immersion, but all necessary information will be shown in the quest menu.
>Reward for completing the quest is Lichdom in the form of magical effects chosen to resemble the magical effects present on liches found in game, and a faction which will prevent non-summoned/non-unique lesser undead from attacking you.


The downloaded ZIP file will contain multiple .ESPs, Activate and use only one.
The different .ESPs change the amount of necessary materials are present within Cadlew Chapel.
--Most materials are dirt cheap and widely available. The only exception is an empty black soul gem (Which is only provided in the "All Supplies" .esp). 


Should be fine with whatever!
So long as you use no other mods that alter the interior of Cadlew Chapel in any meaningful way, you're unlikely to have any issues.
*I hope.


Haven't needed any yet.