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Adds a small chance for a huge monster to appear in wilderness areas.

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Wilderness Monstrosities

Short description:

Adds a small chance for a huge monster to appear in wilderness areas.

Long description:

Far from civilization you can sometimes come across a monster which most people upon seeing it would tactically retreat from as fast as possible.
Maybe you're the type who likes living on the edge and never wastes a good opportunity to test your combat skills. If so this mod will do you good.
This mod adds 13 monsters all with new abilities and loot. You will start seeing them from level 10 in wilderness areas.
Two of them are not re-textured since I already like the look of them when just scaled up.
Take a look at the uploaded screenshots.

These monsters are meant to be a rare occurrence to the traveling adventurer and they pose you with a choice: Do you dare to fight this monster for the thrill or would it be better to avoid it. Often times when your character becomes strong at higher level you might not even consider this choice since you can handily defeat any foe who crosses your path. I'm hoping with this mod that the choice becomes something to consider rather than slay first and ask questions later.
Some of the monsters have unique loot which collectors in the major cities would pay you handsomely for. However first and foremost these encounters are about the epic fights themselves. You will not get rich fighting these monster although they all have decent loot.

Known information on the 13 monsters:

Putrid Savage Troll
A veteran band of adventurers reported defeating one of these trolls in a Valus Mountain pass. They said it fought with abundant savagery tearing limbs from several of the party members. Its wounds would start closing almost as soon as they were opened and the green blood spray from the creature felt like acid on the skin, but the worst part was the rank stench coming from the creature. Everyone felt sick to their stomach and it affected them both physically and mentally which made the fight that much harder.

Ancient Dreugh
This creature is similar to the more common Land Dreugh except that it is much larger and its magical attack is stronger. 

Minotaur Warlord
The leader of a war campaign in some minotaur communities is called a Warlord and these massive minotaurs are some of the finest warriors and often live a more secluded existence later in their life. If you see one of them best turn the other way.

Transcendent Minotaur
Stories are told of a huge white minotaur who has achieved some state of insight and wisdom and uses ritualistic magic, but no one in living memory has yet to meet one and return to tell the tale.

Primeval Spirit
A hovering blueish yet transparent entity has been observed from time to time. Very little is known about it but is considered a bad omen by the country-folk.

Mythical Mud Golem
Some golems are made by magic users but it seems some spawn straight out of the ground. The Mythical Mud Golem is said to be emerge from muddy areas where it will walk the lands with no need to eat or sleep and never does it seek out other golems.

Mythical Magma Golem
This even larger golem is made of magma and it said to come from mountainous regions with volcanic activity. It hasn't been spotted in eons.

Arcane Imp
This huge imp has blue magical marks on its body and uses unknown sorcery. People say it is very intelligent and even learned in many languages. It seems to care a lot about books, magic and magical items.

Elder Mountain Ogre
Usually spotted in mountains these large ogres are similar to the normal cave dwelling type. They do however differ in size and they are often seen carrying around rocks and ore from mountains. Very little is known about what they use it for though.

Ancient Ogre
Brownish in color these massive ogres with legs like tree trunks are a very rare sight. They tower above all other creature of the wilderness.

Primeval Stone Elemental
Like the golems this elemental force is theorized to have taken form spontaneously. Perhaps from deep in the heart of a mountain yet magic must surely have been involved. What kind of magic do the land it self hold?

Gargantuan Daedroth
These huge Daedroths are believed to be among a higher ranking of the Lesser Daedra under the service of a Daedric Prince. What tasks they perform are unknown but they are thought to be walking the lands of Nirn because mighty wizards has attempted to summon them, only to realize that they are not to be controlled by mere mortal men. A Gargantuan Daedroth will attack anyone or anything on sight except other Daedra.

Monstrous Grey Spider
Out traveling the vast wilderness you might be unfortunate enough to come across the lair of a Monstrous Grey Spider and if you do you will quickly find a dreadful opponent who not only attacks with its natural attacks but also with ancient dark magic. Stay on the road, just stay on the road.

Don't like spiders?

Pick the plugin called Wilderness Monstrosities - No Spider.esp and you will get everything except the spider.

A word on difficulty:
The monsters are supposed to hard to kill but not ridiculously so. No Reflect Damage 100% abilities, extreme Health regeneration or any such shenanigans.
During my many hours of testing I managed to beat them all with a very strong level 10 warrior who was very well equipped and prepared for each fight.
As a cautionary tip you can check the spoiler below to see which are the hardest to defeat.
The Primeval Spirit, the Arcane Imp, the Transcendent Minotaur & the Primeval Stone Elemental.

The mod edits LL1WildernessValley & s LL1WildernessForestMountain which will likely conflict with some overhaul mods.
If you use a Bashed Patch there will be no conflicts. I'm using MOO and they work great together.
If you do not use a bashed patch you have to load this mod later than any overhaul mods to see the monsters.

Pre-testing the mod:
If you want to test your mettle against these monstrosities quickly you can cheat and open the console and type "coc hawkhaven". You will be teleported to a test village. Turn left out of the village and follow the dirt path. On the path you will meet each creature one at a time. To get back to Cyrodiil type "coc weye".

Mods which goes well with this mod:
Vicious Trolls Sound Replacer (fiercer sound for all trolls)
Mercer's Ingredient Effect Overhaul: (with my alchemy mod installed some monsters will carry a selection of ores which can be used in alchemy)
Supreme Magicka Update (or any other mod which increases the projectile speed of magic spells so it becomes much more difficult to dodge them)

All resources in this mod are free to use by modders as long as credit is given:

Re-texture of golem, troll, ogre, elemental and spider: Creature Diversity by zaldir
Imp Re-texture: Dans-MysticImp by Takark
Wisp re-texture : Diverse Will o the Wisps by Vacuity
Minotaur re-texture: Trolls various animal and monster re-textures by trollberserker
Daedroth re-texture: Mythic Creatures by themythofanst
Combat animations for minotaur, ogre, frost atronach, land dreugh, troll and daedroth: Deadlier Creatures V2 by Phitt

Thank you for the resources.