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Here's the mods I use, since a few people have asked.

Permissions and credits
A couple people have asked for mod recommendations, so here's what I personally use.

Everything I've ever done (of course)

Overhauls and Mechanics
Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul and Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul
Because of course

Oblivion XP Update
You could try Realistic Levelling, but I prefer Oblivion XP. I use XP though for one primary reason: I use a lot of Light and Night-eye spells, and I really, really don't want those to level up my Illusion skills. I don't think a spell worth 3 points should do anything for any skill, and I also don't think that eating alchemy ingredients should increase your Alchemy skill. I prefer XP, because things don't level up unless you actually want them to. I also like how you get more XP for harder enemies.

Note that this mod by default regenerates your health, but you can change that in the ini file. It also has skill caps based on your overall level (so you need to be level 5 to level up a skill beyond 49), but you can change that in the ini, too. 

Persuasion Overhaul
Makes speechcraft more like it was in Morrowind, so now the skill is actually useful again.

Enhanced Economy

Alternative Beginnings OR Shivering Isles Alternative Start

I don't use combat overhauls, because I play pure mages. I have no use for them.

Magic Overhauls
See here

Ayleid Improvement Project and Better Dungeons
Despite the name, Better Dungeons only edits caves, so it's safe to use with AIP. Both of these mods are must-haves for me -- they remake caves and ruins so they're actually interesting and unique! 

Better Daedric Shrines
Gives more personality to most of the Daedric Shrines. 

Open Cities Reborn
I use this instead of Better Cities because (1) Better Cities kills your framerate and can cause CTDs and (2) I love the layout changes that Arthmoor made. Parts of some cities do feel oddly empty, but overall, they feel much more organic.

ImpeREAL City -- Unique Districts and Redbag's Imperial City 2020 Edition
Overhauls the Imperial City. Because ImpeREAL City is modular, they can actually be pretty compatible. From this mod, grab everything EXCEPT the Arboretum and Waterfront. There's a minor clipping issue in the Arena District if you use both -- there's a training dummy clipping through a table, but you can use the console to disable the table or the dummy with no issues. 

Unique Landscapes
Be sure to pick up your compatibility patches.

Cyrodiil Extended
This is on ModDB, and it's also only in German. I have had some issues as a result -- some of the town names became German and I no longer have an arrow to know where I am in the map (not the world map -- the other one that's of the local area). This only affects exteriors -- I have an arrow in dungeons, buildings, etc. This mod also adds some quests, but I can't tell you about them, because I don't know any German. But this is definitely my favorite small settlement mod.

I use everything EXCEPT the Ancestor Moth Temple (Tempel der Ahnenmotte), Caldew Chapel (Calder Dorf), Hackdirt (Dreckhack), Shardrock (Scherbelfels), and Applewatch. Nothing wrong with them, I just have a different vision for the places (their Caldew Chapel and Hackdirt are too clean, I prefer Applewatch Farm to be by itself rather than a little village, and Shardrock doesn't need anything IMO) or prefer other mods for the Moth Temple and Hackdirt (see below). 

Hackdirt Alive and Weynon Priory Alive and Cloud Ruler Temple Alive

Ancestor Moths Expanded

Vaults of Cyrodiil

Quality of Life
Book Tracker Updated
This is especially useful if you use OblivionXP, because you know which books you still can read for experience.

Dynamic Map

Enemy Weapons Don't Drop

Oblivion Gate Map Marker Remover

Oblivion Character Overhaul

Hairs for OCO


Immersion and Misc Mods
Diversified Staves

Fleshed Out Necromancers

More Mythic Dawn Agents

Robes Over

SM Combat Hide

Time Enough at Last

Vamped Up Vampire Armor

Variant Vagabonds

Devastation of Kvatch
I use the Kvatch-only version

Fame-based Daedric Quest Requirements

Lesser Powers for Unique Items

None. I get waaaaay to many CTD and corrupted saves if I use any of them.

Quest Mods
None. I'm fine with the vanilla quests right now. But I've heard great things about A Brotherhood Renewed, Companion Vilja (GNU Terry Pratchett), and everything that Simyaz has ever done.

Mods I Used to Use, But Don't Anymore
Quest of the Week
Many of these quests are solid, but they just aren't for me. I'm pretty content with vanilla.

Tales of Cyrodiil
See above

Better Cities
I like parts of Better Cities, but it causes too many framerate problems, too many CTDs, and there are some pretty jarring and lore-unfriendly parts of it.

Mods I Haven't Used, but Think You Should Check Out
Everything that Guinefort1 has ever done.
I use several of their mods, but you should really check out all of them

Everything that IcelandPsychotic has ever done

Everything that Cliffworms has ever done