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A small configurable collection of engine level tweaks and features for the game.
Includes Faster Sleep Wait, WASD Menus and Console Numpad Support.

Permissions and credits
An esp-less collection of Quality-of-Life improvements in one file with INI settings to enable tweaks.

All features are optional and disabled by default
and can be enabled by launching the game to fill the INI and then modifying the relevant line under the [Tweaks] section to be ‘= 1’ instead of ‘= 0’.

It is safe to install, update or uninstall mid-playthrough (a new save is not required).

When updating, the mod's INI will be automatically filled with any new settings after launching the game - you do not need to reconfigure settings when updating.

Better AutoWalk - moving left/right does not cancel autowalk and add backwards movement support
Continuous Jumping - holding the jump key will repeatedly jump
Dialog Press To Continue - stop Actors automatically advancing between lines in conversations (giving time to read what they are saying)
Drop Items In Midair - allow dropping of items in midair
Fast Travel Over-encumberedallow fast travel while over-encumbered
Faster Sleep Wait - add a configurable delay between hours while waiting or sleeping
Interior Fast Travel - remove restrictions on fast traveling from interiors (you will need to be careful not to break scripted encounters)
Jumping Doesn't Drop Grabbed Item - prevent the grabbed item being immediately dropped when jumping
List Missing Mods On Load - add the list of missing mods to the "Content is Missing" prompt when loading a save
Menu Numpad Support - allow use of numpad in menus and the console
Menu WASD Supportallow WASD for movement and spacebar for interaction in menus.
No Inventory On Alt Tab - stop the inventory menu opening/closing when you ALT-TAB
No Lockpick Activate - stop the container menu showing after opening a container with lockpick or key
No Scrollwheel POV Change - prevent the POV (1st/3rd person) changing when scrolling
Non-Selectable Player In Console - prevent the player being selected when clicking in console (happens frequently with Enhanced Camera)
Quick Item Transfer - transfer a stack of items at a time holding shift, or a single item holding control
Skip Continue Game Prompt - skip the "Continue from your last saved game?" prompt when clicking continue game in the main menu
Skip Vampire Popup - hold shift while activating sleeping NPCs to use vampire ability, otherwise talk/pickpocket
Sleep Wait Anywhere - options to allow waiting in combat, midair etc.

Use a mod manager, or manually extract the .zip file into your Oblivion 'Data' folder.
After running the game once, edit obse_stewie_tweaks.ini to enable desired features.

Available in downloads.