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Subtle changes to humanize vanilla NPCs that were made by Bethesda without care.

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I have started a new Oblivion playthrough with very minimal mod setup, while OCO2 is a very excellent replacer to improve face models, its lacks of middle age complexion make old people look way too young, many edits to NPCs also lean toward beautification instead of lore friendly improvements. And then I switched back to vanilla faces, I've found most of them to be not as bad as people claim and I must say they have their own charm. However I won't deny that there are some deformed potatoes and downright monstrosity NPCs in the game that no amount of quality texture could fix.

Undeformed Potatoes - Subtle NPC Overhaul is an attempt to amend those problems I had with vanilla NPCs as well as OCO2 with these goals:
- Lightweight NPC overhaul that only adjust unnatural looking vanilla NPCs that were made by Bethesda without care: this means ugly people remain unchanged as I try my best to avoid unnecessary "beautification" of NPCs like other mods out there. I'm only looking to change NPCs that have slightly or largely deformed look such as Kalthar, Jorck,... to have more human looking face.
- Retain original character traits as much as possible: this means no hair change, even colors, complexion remain the same, no out of scope stat or gameplay related changes.
- Included fixes from UOPs.
- Made for people who play with vanilla, minimal mod setup and people who don't want drastic NPC overhaul but still want better looking NPCs.

As a sidenote, this mod will become part of an OCO2 vanilla friendly tweaks I'm working on, I will talk more about this once I made more progress with Undeformed Potatoes.

Here is a detailed changelog on what I did:

This is an ongoing project and your feedback are welcome and valuable for me to:
- Scoping out the "deformed" NPCs in vanilla game, including expansions and DLCs. Note that we will want to make NPCs who don't look humanoid into human (or at least slightly), NPCs who look ugly but natural looking should remain the way they are like in real life. Gimme a list of vanilla NPCs that you think can give you nightmare then I will see what I can do!
- Providing feedback on the changes: what would you want to change, whether the changes I made is good enough, or there are NPCs I changed that shouldn't be changed, etc.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch is required due to this mod including fixes for the NPCs from it.
Currently, this mod requires some official Oblivion DLCs because of edits made to the potatoes resided there, if you think I should make a no DLC required version then let me know in the comment section.

Recommended mods:
Oblivion Upscaled Textures by Kartoffels - Amazing upscaled vanilla characters texture, I recommend you to download the characters optional file (3.0) but ONLY copy the facemap textures (headhumanf10, headhumanm10, 20, 30, ...) from darkelf, imperial and orc folders.
High Resolution Faces for Roberts Male and Female by Robert and improved by Foxroe - This face retexture is very close to the vanilla face texture which is a definitive improvement but still fitting with vanilla visual style.
Lore Friendly Dunmer Eyes for Vanilla by me - Dunmer eyes based on OUT retextured to be akin to other TES games.

UOP team for UOP fixes