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Last updated at 0:03, 8 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 1:25, 18 Jun 2006

a newer version (3) is available, please visit this forum to grab it:

This Modification does enhance the appearance of all Female Bodies and adds a few more appealing Cloths to the standard Game.

Its not dependand on my first mod. All the old items are working with this version now.

Improving of Female Bodies
-New Bodymodel
-new textures for Imperial/Breton/Darkelf/Highelf/Woodelf/Nord/Orc/Redguard/Khajiit/Argonian to fit the new Body

New Clothes
-Eshme's Black Lace Panty
-Eshme's Black Lace Bra
-Eshme's Butterfly Panty
-Eshme's Butterfly Bra
-Razor's Original Whitey's
-Forever Red Hip Shorts
-Forever Red Bra
-Aleanne's Silky Blue Bikini
-Dark Desires
-Janus Outfit
-Sphinx Suit
-Freya Outfit
-and 1 pair of Underwear replacing the originals. (using standard underwear texture)
Some of the Clothes are taken from Aleanne's of Morrowind, thanks Aleanne!

New Armor
-A set of improved Glass armor based on Aleanne's translucent glass which you can buy.
-Clematis Cuirass

New Shop
-All items you can buy in my new Boutique ,just west of Skingrad. You get a map marker automatically.

Support for all the clothing mods you are using, hopefully. You can use any Underwear mod you find currently on the Net still, The Very cheap Undies are yours now.

Game enhancing Modification
-This Modification does not make the original
game invalid
, Its meant to be activated during your normal game play. Unless theres a bug which i dont hope.

Whats not there
-Males do not get most of the benefits, instead some areas will just show an original counterpart if you try to. Its a first version so please bear with it =)
-But Males can just go on like before, they dont loose anything.

Please read the Readme.txt in this package if you want to read more of it.

Also see my release thread at

for additional download sources