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Restored vanilla hairs to OCO2.

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Oblivion Character Overhaul 2 is an excellent quality mod made by Nuska, over the years the community have helped making it better by provide unofficial improvements and extra options for it. One thing still bugs me about OCO2 is that I feel the hairs should be left unchanged because the new hair meshes don't really fit well into the game in term of visual quality and lore friendliness, the author also changed the hair of some NPCs for personal preference rather than having a practical reason for it. I've decided to scratch this itch by simply restoring the vanilla hairs back into the games.

And that's exactly what this mod does, it will revert the new hairs to vanilla while restored 26 NPCs hair changed by OCO2.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch
is required due to this mod including fixes for the NPCs from it.
While Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 - Unofficial Patch is not required, I heavily recommend it. Improved Vanilla Hairs is also recommended to use alongside with this mod.

Nuska for her amazing original work
UOP team for UOP fixes