About this mod

Solve a murder mystery. Take up an ancient legacy. New castle home, storyline, epic rewards, puzzles, companions and so much more!

Permissions and credits

   You find yourself invited to a grand stronghold in the frigid North, hoping for a quiet evening of dinner and conversation. Shortly after your arrival, a man is slain, found to be the victim of a gruesome murder.   

  But something more than murder is amiss at Wintermist Castle. Visions of the past swim behind your eyes, haunting your waking hours. Are you the hero, the villain, or just plain mad? Investigate this frightening mystery to uncover clues and secrets. Prove your innocence... if you can.

   Hello, everyone! Welcome to Wintermist. Like the mod? Come back and leave an endorsement! Means a lot :)


- An enormous new castle fully staffed with guards, servants and all major services.

-A storyline of nine quests, with eleven additional short side quests.

-As you progress through the story, new features and locations will unlock to you.

-Several new and fully functioning companions with warp, summon, inventory access, and more.

-New powerful weapons and spells.

-A plethora of hidden rooms, tunnels, and castle secrets. There’s always something to discover!

-Many interactive features: Make food in the kitchen. Craft armor at the forge. Defeat custom enemies in the battle-ring. Win gold and more at the archery range. Fire at enemies from the castle battlements. The list goes on.

-Repeatable role-play activities, such as doing the laundry, cleaning the stables, weeding the garden and exterminating rats. You can also command your lazy servants to do these things for you and more. The activities reset every three days while you are away.

- Storage: Any container at Wintermist, unless it is specifically labeled as “respawning,” should be safe to store your belongings in.

-If that isn’t enough, consult the included guide for a more detailed list :)

 Getting Started:  
   Fast travel to Bruma and walk north-east from the stables. You should receive a quest update.
 You will want a mid to high level character. For best results, do not install during the quest “Defense of Bruma.” Before or after is fine. You can technically install Wintermist at any time, however please note that the story takes place after Oblivion’s main quest and before the events of the Shivering Isles. 

Requirements: Shivering Isles Official DLC

Recommended: OBSE: Elys Universal Silent Voice (If you don’t want to pause to read the dialogue) 
   Disclaimer: As with any new add-on, create a backup save before installing. I have done my best to clean and play-test, but bugs may
occur. Constructive feedback is appreciated.

   Bugs/Incompatibilities: I placed Wintermist in a new worldspace to minimize any problems. If you do find any, please leave a comment so I can create the best possible experience for everyone.