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Replaces the model for the quest reward for completing "Battle for Castle Kvatch"
Gives the armour a unique style to make the Hero Of Kvatch stand out

Permissions and credits
The mod replaces the reward armour for completing the quest "Battle for Castle Kvatch"
This mod DOES NOT replace the kvatch guard armour, only the enchanted version.

The mod should work regardless of what leveled version of the armour you get upon completion.
If Savlian Matius doesn't give you the armour, then something is wrong with him and likely has nothing to do with my mod, I only replaced the model and nothing else.

My mod should be compatible with all other mods without conflict, unless you happen to have a mod that also deals with the enchanted Kvatch Cuirass in some way.

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The Official Oblivion Construction Set
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The Neck Guard seen on this armour is from Justice123's Steel Armor Replacer https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40711
other than that everything else was made using vanilla assets

All of the helmets shown in the screenshots were made by Phitt