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Adds a struggling farm and coach service at Faregyl Inn.

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Old farm at Faregyl Inn

Making a mere few septims is all the farmer Cosas Greger can hope for these days. His crops used to yield a lot more but nowadays he can hardly keep the weeds and grass from overtaking the wheat field. When not struggling with the wheat, Cosas earns a little by watering and feeding the horses of the visitors to Faregyl Inn.
His ramshackle barn doubles as a coaching station and next to him lives his friend Branund Tynit who makes a living running the mill and selling what he can produce from his small animal husbandry. Occasionally he makes a trip to the Imperial City to sell at a higher price.

This mod simply add a few structures at Faregyl Inn because I've felt for a long time now that what Nernie's Villages mod (MTCExpandedVillages) does to Faregyl Inn is not quite enough. All the other villages are perfect but Nernie's mod only adds 1 building here so I decided to expand the area a tad more.
This mod also gave me an excuse to use some cool resources provided by some awesome modders.

This mod is only for ambience and doesn't have any features as such. Although note that the tiny house is set to be unowned and the chest inside doesn't respawn so it can be used as a player's home.

Version 2
Adds some animals, another farm house and a windmill.

Version 2.1
Added the farmer Cosas Greger. He works his small farm and chat with the people of the inn.
Upgraded the cart to a better one.
Fixed the path grid so people and animals don't walk into buildings.

Version 2.2
Added farmer and miller Branund Tynit who works and relaxes around the mill and Inn.
Moved 1 nearby spawn point further away which often spawns a monster which wreaks havoc on the farm animals and people.  
Packed the files into a BSA archive to reduce file conflicts with other mods which use same resources.

Version 2.3
Moved the 2 patches of crops to make the mod compatible with Arthmoor's Roads of Cyrodiil mod.
Both containers in the tiny hut are now set to not respawn so the hut can be used as a player home.

Note that all screenshots are taken with Oblivion Grass Overhaul installed.


I highly recommend Nernie's MTCExpandedVillages since my mod complement it.

Compatible with Nernie's MTCExpandedVillages
Not compatible with Arthmoor's Faregyl Village
Compatible with Arthmoor's Roads of Cyrodiil

A Tiny Little House by mhahn123
Mr_Siikas Highrock Resources by Mr_Siika
mr_Siikas_farmanimals by Mr_Siika
Momos Farm Resource by Momo77
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