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Fixes a lot of translation issues and inconsistencies and some other smaller things

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Deutsche Version (German Version)

In my Nehrim Gameplay Overhaul I fix a ton more issues with the game. Go check it out!

These are just some of the changes. I'll most likely won't update this with additional fixes.

- Fixed hundreds of translation issues and inconsistencies (e.g. "Senile Black Bear" into "Decrepit Black Bear", "Iron gate" into "Iron Gate")
- Set pieces renamed to '(Set Name) Set Piece' instead of 'Set Piece (Set Name)' for better inventory sorting
- Potions renamed to 'Name "Potion" (Quality)' instead of 'Name - Quality'
- Scrolls renamed to '"Scroll of" Name (Quality)' instead of 'Name (Quality)', scrolls now have the correct quality names

- Added sound to all doors
- Fixed fall damage calculation
- Fixed not being able to buy Scroll of Regeneration
- Fixed the value of some potions
- Fixed a vendor not selling stuff (Mira Frayer)


- Removed spell effectivness scaling with fatigue (this caused all sorts of problems)

- Install Instructions
- Download the Main File
- Extract the main file into the data folder of Nehrim
- Open Data Files in the Nehrim Launcher
- Enable "Nehrim - Bug Fixes"