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About this mod

Add a set of equipment for Game's character "Weiss".
Swords and Light armor and more will be added.

Permissions and credits
   Weiss Equipments 
                          (ver 1.0)
                                              for Oblivion
                                                            by Hidemaro. (2020.7/1)

* Outline

  This is a Mod that adds the costume of the character 'Weiss' of social game 'Aigis'. 
  The equipment is divided into weapons, shields, upper body, lower body, gauntlets, and boots.Accessories include amulet, cloak and dagger ring.

  Weapons include a dagger, long sword, claymore and a great one-handed sword.
  The Great Sword has Claymore's reach and weight, and is a bit more attacking than the Long Sword.

  The upper body can be selected from three bust sizes. 
  The lower body has two designs.
  Parry dagger functions as a shield.

  There are types of amulets and cloaks that match the bust size.
  Dagger ring is for screenshots and is adjusted to fit your left hand when you pose.

* How to get

   The acquisition place is in the deepest part of the Ayraid ruins [Liere] in the northwest of Bruma-City.
   These equipments that can be obtained in this chest has been strengthened according to the level.
   It will change over time so you can always get it.   
   Level of the equipment is based upon vanilla approximately.
   The acquisition level is written on below.

   Wepon                             Armor

       silver 7                             chain 10
       dwerven 10                     Mithril 15
       elven 15                           Elven 20
       glass 20                           Glass 25
       ebony 25
       deadric 30
  If you'd like to get more these equipment easily.
  You can find a Chest of all in, on the walls of the IC Market district.
  But you can't climb by walking, so please go up with @command "TCL" .

* Required Mod

   HG EyeCandy Body
   Better Bouncing Breasts

* Attention 

   Please make a backup of the save data prior to installation. 
   I work only in one's environment and do not inspect it. 
   If you have any problems, please write in TheNexusForums.

* Installation

   Please copy into \DATA folder in the Oblivion folder which installed Oblivion.
     《Example:C:\Program Files\Bethesda Software\Oblivion\Data》

* Distribution, credits and permissions

   This Mod is open to the public and can be freely used, but the license is on my Hidemaro and it does not give up all rights. 
   Basically prohibited for purposes other than personal use, distribute Data for this I made. 
   If usage non commercial purpose, you can use this Mod freely. 
   You can change this MOD and redistribute it, but you must specify Credit in Readme etc.