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Makes the Temple of the Ancestor Moths more interesting to visit.

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I always felt the Temple of the Ancestor Moths to be a bit lackluster. This little mod attempts to change that!

The exterior has been altered a bit, now it's more than just two houses and a chapel. The graveyard has been completely replaced with interactive tombstones.
More loot can be found around the settlement and inside the Temple itself. A few unique items can be found if you search around!
A unique ingredient can now be found in the settlement and down in the catacombs, Ancestor Moth Silk. There are a total of 46 pieces of silk to be found.

The valuable Savilla's Stone is now heavily protected. Dangerous and forgotten ghosts now roam the Caverns of the Moth, ready to destroy any intruder.
The Shrine of the Moth now has more ayleid stone traps. They will fire at the player from further away than the vanilla trap. The Stone itself is now guarded by a powerful boss enemy that is surrounded by a circle of light. Snatching Savilla's Stone is no longer as easy as it was!

EDIT: The 1.1 update removes all leveling  from enemies and loot in this mod.

This mod has been cleaned with TES4Edit.