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Verrsion of Creature Spawn Chance Fix for OOO. Also includes an option for OOO Extended.

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Creature Spawn Chance Fix:
 - An OOO version of This mod by PushTheWinButton. (All credit to them for the idea and check out their other awesome mods).
- This improves the way the game handles creature spawns for a bit more
unpredictability. I recommend it.

-Load AFTER the bashed patch! You can add a rule in LOOT to load after bashed patch so you don't have to move
it manually every-time.
- The OOO patch also contains the changes to vanilla creature spawns, so only one creature fix patch is needed!
- There is also a patch for OOO Extended that covers, OOO, Extended, and Vanilla creatures. Again: Only one creature fix patch is needed.

OLD FILES: (Not sure if these are working or necessary with current version of OOO. Need to be updated at some point...).

Also included is a replacer plugin for OOOExtended.esp and OOOShiveringIsles.esp bringing forward UOP changes and fixing some bugs like Traven getting too much resist magic from bashed patch.

***I added an optional version of OOOExtended with no wigs, fake ears, or shoulder parrots.

OOO Cobl Tweaks plugin - updated for UOP and OOO 1.5.11, also contains all necessary SI tweaks, so "Cobl Tweaks - SI.esp" is no longer needed. Just use this.