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Male Nord, level 51, every stat except Luck (77) is 100, every skill is 100, Health 708, Magicka 317 (200 base, +117 from equipment), Fatigue 420.
Fame 49, Infamy 2.

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TL;DR: Was a Stealth Archer at early game, now a Stealth Archer Spellsword hybrid late game.

The shack image is Waterfront Shack home, and chest image is meant to show where I stored my stuff.

I'm not sure if you really need all the Unofficial Patches to be able to load the save. I've listed them as "required" since I used them from the beginning of the game. Not sure what could or would go wrong, or how bad could it go wrong without Unofficial Patches, but if you want give it a try go right ahead...

After a 300+ hour Stealth Archer playthrough of Skyrim (which did every questline except Main Quest and Civil War), I've decided to give Oblivion another go. I was determined to make it "my best playthrough of Oblivion I'll ever have".
What initially started as a "no fast travel Stealth Archer build" became a "Stealth Archer Spellsword hybrid" at the end of the day (310 hours).
I have Goldbrand, Escutcheon of Chorrol, a unenchanted Daedric bow, Ring of the Iron Fist, Sorcerer's Ring, Necklace of Swords, Apron of Adroitness, Wanderer's Greaves/Gloves/Boots (+24 Fortify Magicka Leather Greaves/Fur Gauntlets/Mithril Boots) in inventory.
I've stored Mace of Molag Bal and Volendrung (and a bunch of other goods) at Waterfront Shack home, in case you want to play it different.
I have everything ready for the "Vampire Cure" quest, if you'll ever decide to get cured. You still have to be infected with the disease though, since I didn't make him a Vampire.
I also have a ridiculous amount of gold (nearly 4 million) thanks to the "Bag of Holding" mod, with it I was able to pick up anything that had 200+ value and store in it to sell when I felt like it.
Only guild quest(s) I've done are Recommendations so I could get into Arcane University, buy "Summon Xivilai" that would let me summon a Xivilai I'd grind Blunt and Hand to Hand on.
If you want to start Mages Guild, talk with Raminus Polus.
If you want to start Fighters Guild, go to Anvil/Cheydinhal and talk with Azzan/Burz gro-Khash.
If you want to start Dark Brotherhood, I've already murdered someone (two, actually) and got the initiation quest. Just go to the Inn of Ill Omen.
If you want to start Thieves Guild, go talk with Armand Christophe. I've fenced over 1000 gold, so you won't have to go looking for stuff to
sell just to get the next quest throughout the questline.
If you want to delve right into the Main Quest, go to Kvatch.
Other than all this, there's not much to tell, except the crappy quality of photos I took with phone (I'm lazy, please don't come at me with pitchforks).

Notable Spells:
Impending Doom (custom made): Weakness to Fire, Frost and Shock %100 for 10 secs on Touch, Weakness to Magic %100 for 5 secs on Touch.
- If you want to kill something in less than 7 seconds, cast this just once when you encounter a Minotaur, Land Dreugh, Brown Bear, Mountain Lion, Bandit, Marauder, cast it twice when you encounter a Ogre, cast it thrice when you encounter a Minotaur Lord and then cast Coup de Grace. Minotaur Lord will still have a bit of health left, so either do a power attack with your blade/blunt weapon, or cast Coup de Grace again. Thanks a lot to the Reddit user Elleden who wrote about it on r/Oblivion.
Coup de Grace (custom made): Fire, Frost and Shock Damage 50 pts for 1 sec on Touch, Drain Health 100 pts for 2 secs on Touch.
- When used on a target that you casted Impending Doom just once, it'll deal 750 damage. Without Impending Doom it's no different than throwing a rock at your enemy (unless that enemy is a Wolf or a Timber Wolf or a Spriggan, this'll kill them instantly). Thanks a lot once more to the Reddit user Elleden who wrote about it on r/Oblivion.
Apathy (custom made): Paralyze for 5 secs on Target, Shock Damage 7 pts for 5 secs on Target, Absorb Health 3 pts for 5 secs on Touch, Fire Damage 5 pts for 5 secs on Target.
- With Impending Doom, that's 10 secs of Paralyze, 21 pts of Shock Damage, 6 pts of Absorb Health and 15 pts of Fire Damage for 10 secs. At higher levels, melee combat gets boring, so it's nice to have a spell like this handy. Thanks a lot to the person who wrote about it on UESP's "Useful Spells" page. It's original name was "Phaselock".
Godspeed (custom made): Fortify Speed 100 pts for 30 secs on Self
- If you want to play "no fast travel" like me, or want fast travel to take less time, this'll be handy. You'll arrive at your destination faster with a Speed of 200. Not sure how much Magicka it would cost (this costs 130), but if you want even more speed, you can custom make a spell that has "Fortify Speed 100 pts" along with "Fortify Athletics 100 pts". You can then delete this spell by using "Spell Delete and Item Remover".
Grace of the Gods (custom made): Shield %70 for 30 secs, Fire, Frost and Shock Shield %5 for 30 secs on Touch
- Cast this on someone that you don't want him/her to die in 2 hits. It gives them 85 armor rating, which is as high as the game allows. Thanks a lot to the person who wrote about it on UESP's "Useful Spells" page. It's original name was "Perfect Shield".
Icarian Flight (custom made): Fortify Acrobatics 100 pts for 15 secs on Self
- If you want to take less damage from a long fall this is your best bet. With a Acrobatics of 200, very high jumps will still deal damage, true, but it won't kill you. You could also use it to reach a high spot in a dungeon.
Sucker Punch (custom made): Soul Trap for 2 secs on Touch, Drain Health 100 pts for 1 sec on Touch
- Cast Impending Doom on a low health enemy, cast this, use Azura's Star to recharge your weapon. Grand Soul Gems in my inventory will get filled with the soul before Star though, so store them in a safe chest until it's time for Vampire Cure quest. Thanks a lot to the person who wrote about it on UESP's "Useful Spells" page. It's original name was "Soul Snatch".

Thanks for reading (or just scrolling to the bottom of the page without actually reading), have a great day and a great life, and have fun.