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Replaces bug-eyed gorillas with a variant based on traditional folklore. Painted trolls included.

Permissions and credits
Forest Trolls

No More Bug-Eyed Gorillas

I never really quite got on board with this approach. Unfortunately, I've never been able to find something that satisfied my itch on how I felt these things should look. As other replacers increase in quality (like those from katkat), trolls just keep getting uglier and uglier by comparison, and not in a good way. I did however find decent replacers for Skyrim, and was inspired by Somethingwhatever's True Nordic Trolls.


So, here's a proper good ugly troll covered in fur that's tough as tree bark with ferns growing out of his dome. The appearance is mostly based on old trolls of folklore, in the fashion of True Nordic Trolls, but with my own spin on the idea repurposed for Oblivion so that it's not too out of lock step with what we're used to seeing. There's also a lot of less noticeable improvements that I made to the UV mapping of the mesh. I'll keep it short and just say that Bethesda really could have done better, this thing was sloppy, even for 2006.
Also gave my boi here some beady eyes that will glow in the dark, with chompers to match and replaced the painted trolls from the Lythandas quest in Cheydinhal.

This mod is a replacer. Not a new creature. Don't go around expecting to find these in addition to what Bethesda already developed.

Known Issues

None that I know of. If you find a problem, let me know.


As mentioned prior, Somethingwhatever for inspiration.
Michael GaidaTante Tati, and Eric Muhr for stock photography used in the creation of these textures.
All meshes and textures were built on original assets provided by Bethesda and the photographers listed above. I am perfectly fine with others using the meshes and textures I created as they see fit, but strongly suggest they read the Rights and Limitations segment of the readme.

In short, just don't pass off what's done in here or by the listed photographers as your own. Don't be a dingle.


This mod has no requirements.
Straightforward BAIN installer package provided. Follow your standard installation process. Read the readme if you need more details.


Uninstall, anneal and reorder to your hearts content. If you choose to not use Wrye Bash, stop, you need an intervention, read the readme.


Any other general creature replacers (like themythofstrider's Mythic Creatures) will overwrite this. Simply install the files from this mod over any other larger replacer to use both. Any .esp that redirects the resources for trolls, or removes them entirely, will obviously not be compatible and will need patching. Having said that, I'm not aware of any mod that does this with trolls.


Idk. Maybe throw some horns on it or something lol. I'll probably pick up on a few things I want to tweak later. Maybe take another stab at this while keeping the depictions by John Bauer in mind. We'll see.

Thank you!

Additional credit to SARS CoV2 for giving me the free time I otherwise wouldn't have had. Christ help me it's been like 3 months of lockdown already lol.
Anyway, take care, stay safe and strive on.