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Added: 16/06/2006 - 08:35AM
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Last updated at 8:35, 16 Jun 2006 Uploaded at 8:35, 16 Jun 2006

This mod aims at changing the ragdoll physics considerably and the force which acts upon characters/creatures as a result of a strike of any kind.

Ragdolls will not only fall at a greater velocity, but they will also fall in a more realistic/random manner instead of the generic "slumping" pattern.

There are three separate .esp files, which control how much force is controlled after striking an opponent with a hand-to-hand weapon, arrows, or magic. This results in more realistic deaths and knockdowns, and takes away that "matrix feel" with enemies flying through the air.

Bodies are also easier to move and drag around.

Please also read the readme file included in the zip archive for important information as well. :)

-= v3.0 =-

This version adds liftable bodies to the mod. For the bodies that are liftable I chose the grab point to be both the
left and right thigh (upper leg). I chose this grab point because it was the most universal point which worked with all
the ragdolls. I wanted to make the grabpoint as universal as possible because it eliminates confusion, otherwise it
would take away from the gameplay experience. I also chose this point because it usually eliminates too much of the body
dragging on the ground as you try to lift them, and it also looks cool as they dangle around upside down. :P I also could
not make multiple grabpoints because it messed with the physics/ragdolls too much for too many reasons to mention. Every
ragdoll/skeleton was different as well, so some ragdolls could not be lifted because of too many glitches and graphical
problems; such as morphing for example. Grab points for the chest/head simply do not work well either because they
completely disrupt the ragdoll physics, and it is not so easy to find the chest of a deer for example, you have to
really estimate between the neck and the hind area. :S

I made some creatures non-liftable simply because it wouldn't make any sense for a human being, or something of similar
strength, to be able to lift them. For example, a human would not be able to lift a horse, and even when I allowed them
to be liftable it looked incredibly goofy because they are just so much bigger than a playable character.