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This mod 'removes' the two default starting spells, so now you will truly start the game with no spells. An original icon by Bethesda has been re-enabled in-game.

Permissions and credits

"The game uses the default starting spell Heal Minor Wounds as a fallback when casting a scroll spell, and therefore it is not recommended to remove it using any method."
- The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

^ Not without a little ingenuity! This mod 'removes' the default starting spells, so now you will truly start the game with no spells. After hours of testing, this mod works as intended. 

After using a scroll your current spell will default to "No Spell" which literally does nothing and displays a crystal ball icon, the original icon labelled "icon_hud_default_magic.dds." This hard-coded texture file will no longer crash your game - and will reveal... that you... have NO. SPELL. SELECTED. (or equipped, whatever)

In the base game Flare is sold by Druja in Skingrad and Volanaro in Bruma.
This mod makes Heal Minor Wounds available from Edgar Vautrine in the Imperial City and Druja in Skingrad.
This was accomplished with scripts so it won't cause conflicts.

Being spell-less (No Spell) can be hotkeyed.

This mod does not require a new game, however I'm not 100% sure if your Flare spell will be removed if installing this mod after starting a new game.

Alternate Versions: Unchanged Heal & Original

Vanilla Oblivion has two 'Heal Minor Wounds' spells.
  1. The spell you start with in vanilla which is unavailable to NPCs. Known as 'DefaultPlayerSpell' (heals 8 points for 14 base magicka)
  2. The other spell is only available to NPCs and unavailable to the PC. Known as 'StandardRestoreHealth1Novice' (heals 10 points for 14 base magicka)

Both versions of this mod remove 'DefaultPlayerSpell' and make 'StandardRestoreHealth1Novice' available from merchants.

  • The 'Unchanged Heal' version (version 1.1 - main vortex file) leaves 'StandardRestoreHealth1Novice' at its vanilla values of healing 10 points for 14 base magicka. Basically, this spell is untouched aside from being added to Edgar and Druja to sell.

  • The original upload (version 1) of the mod sets the values of 'StandardRestoreHealth1Novice' to that of the 'DefaultPlayerSpell.' (8 points for 14 base magicka)

Alternate esp:

An alternate esp file will provide an exp-less, low-mana-cost lesser power to help light your way in the dark. This spell is called 'Twinkle' and it is the weakest version of the 'Starlight' spell. Choose only one esp.

Twinkle Spell Details:


In order to accomplish my goals for this mod, I needed to use the unused 'DARK' magic effect. Any mod which uses this unused magic effect is incompatible with 'Truly No Starting Spells.'

You must make a merged patch if you plan to start a new game using any other mod which alters the Player Character's starting stats / equipment.

Installation Instructions:

Select both the texture folder and one esp, then drag them with right click and copy (not move) them into the Oblivion\data folder. Say Yes to all.