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NorthernUI V2.0.1 and Oblivion XP Update 4.4.5 Unofficial compatibility patch.
Fixes buggy xml menu files so that NorthernUI and Oplivion XP update can work together.

New stack command and positionning for XP progress bar
Fixed UI scaling and stack function
Fixes ammo overlay
Moved and resized message info box

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Title: NorthernUI V2.0.1 and Oblivion XP Update 4.4.5 Unofficial compatibility patch.
Date: 16/04/2020
Current Version: 1.1

You probably went through an incompatibility between latest NorthernUI (V2.0.1) and Oblivion XP Update v4.4.5 if you get to read this note!

UI is working great without Oblivion XP Update patch, XP Update is working great without NorthernUI.... but both will screw up the Stack and Scaling function of icons and info Bars (Health, Fatigue, Magic)...
Moreover, info box from XP Update is not not following bars different locations when using stack command from NorthernUI and (my opinion) oversized when you start a game (it show the big message box with no info on it). Icons overlay doesn't display remaining ammo.

Problem comes from the patch provided with Oblivion XP Update : it is now outdated and does not work properly with new menus scripts from UI.

Creators of Oblivion XP Update (Aka SirFrederik and AndalayBay) seem to have problems providing updated patch for NorthernUI. We will have to wait for an official patch from them.
In the meantime, i decided to have a look and found out that Oblivion XML language is not that hard to undertsand. I soon could make usefull changes and rewrite bugging parts of the script and as it was going pretty well i also made little changes on bars and message box positionning to make it more elegant, within NorthernUI original spirit.

     -  Message box is now initializing with its small size rather than full size. It seems though that doing this change, vanished the full size box. I 
didn't  fully tested in game and maybe didn't kill enough ennemies to make it show up.
     -  UI is scalable and stack control works perfectly.
     -  Ammo count (arrows...) is now showing on ...
     -  new stack positionning for XP progress bar
     - Fixed Spell effect icon showing only main menu whereas it should only be visible while playing. (v1.1)

This is a non official modded patch for NorthernUI v2.0.1 and Oblivion XP Update 4.4.5 ... you won't get support from Original Mod creators so don't bother them with this patch.
All i can tell is that it works now like a charm on my morroblivion modded game :)

Install instructions :

archive is BAIN ready so you can install it with WryeBash (recommended method).

or simply extract the Data folder straight to game root folder
and overwrite existing files (hud_main_menu.xml, hud_subtitle_menu.xml, stats_menu.xml)
Make a backup before (Data\Menus\Main).

ALL credits go to DavidJCobb for NorthernUI and initial patch
SirFrederik and AndalayBay for Oblivion XP Update

i did nothing compare to them... this work is not mine so feel free to ask those awesome modders for permission to use this stuff for another mod or redistribution!!.

~Grim Reaper~