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Renames spells to make them easier to find. Requires Supreme Magicka.

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This mod renames spells so they are easier to find in your spellbook.

Spells in the same "family" now have the same name (so now all the feather spells are called "Feather", all the AOE fire damage on target are now all called "Fireball").

The second part of the spell name tells you the spell's "level". So a Fireball: Petty is a novice level fireball spell, Invisibility: Grand is a master level spell, and Feather: Standard is a journeyman level spell. See the screenshot for examples.

Spells from the Dark Brotherhood and Shivering Isles are unaffected. Fingers of the Mountain is unaffected. Unique spells from Supreme Magicka (Blink, Daedric Intervention, etc) are also unaffected. 

Now it is easier than ever to find the precise spell you are looking for :)

This mod requires Supreme Magicka Update, because that's what I use. To install, just drag and drop into Data Files and load AFTER all your Supreme Magicka esps.