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Inspired by various Zelda Randomizers, this mod shuffles quest items and rewards around. You can even generate a spoiler log and use it to recreate a randomized run!

Permissions and credits
This mod focuses on shuffling quest items and rewards around Oblivion. So maybe you'll fight in the Arena and get Roderick's Poison for the Dark Brotherhood questline, and completing that quest will give you a crazy reward like the Mysterium Xarxes or the Olroy Cheese for Sheogorath. Maybe Alessia Caro will wear the Ring of Burden or the Cowl of Nocturnal instead of Ahdarji's Stolen Ring. It's all randomized, but controlled enough so that you should be able to complete every quest without breaking another.

  • As mentioned above, controlled randomization to mix quest items and rewards up without breaking anything.
  • Using ConScribe, the ability to generate a spoiler log.
  • The ability to use a spoiler log to replay a randomized run, including those shared by other people.
  • Currently only shuffles the Main Quest and Faction quest items. Miscellaneous quests and Shivering Isles quests will be added in the near future. Right now I'd like some feedback before doing anything else.

Important Notes and Changes:

  • Some quests can be failed. If this happens, you can be locked out of getting an important item. At that point, you can use the spoiler log and the console to add the item you missed, or reload a save. A couple quests have been edited to give you the reward anyway, but try to at least not fail any Daedric Shrine quests.
  • Be sure to complete Teinaava's quest before killing him.
  • Newheim's Heirloom is technically a Fighters Guild quest, so be sure to ask him about it.
  • Dark Brotherhood rewards will give their bonuses regardless if you complete the secondary objective or not. This may be changed later.
  • Keys and spells/abilities are not randomized.
  • For compatibility with Alternate Start mods, the Amulet of Kings is not included.
  • Joining the Thieves' Guild items are also not included in randomization. This may be changed later.
  • Several scripts have been changed or had additions to prevent them from triggering quests early.
  • You must have the Blade of Woe that Lucien Lachance gives you before you can see the Night Mother.
  • Your Mage's Staff reward in the Mage's Guild is now completely random, regardless of what type you asked for. Also, you must talk to Delmar once it is ready to complete the quest. Simply grabbing it no longer does this.
  • For Quest Items that can't be dropped but are supposed to advance the quest when they are added to your inventory, you can equip the item to advance the quest instead. This is so that you can at least still use the quest marker. In other cases, such as the Bloodworm Helm and Necromancer's Amulet, you merely have to arrive at the site to advance the quest.
  • Daedric Shrines have had their level requirements removed. However, the journal will still tell you what the required level was if you wish to wait to be at the intended level.
  • I have not randomized any items in Mankar Camoran's Paradise.
  • You must use a new game. Too many changes were made to continue from a save made without the mod. Additionally, be sure to disable or uninstall this mod for non-random playthroughs.

Starting A New Randomized Run:
  • Start a new game and create your character.
  • Don't do any quests. Go straight to the Imperial City Prison Sewer Exit to find a newly placed Sheogorath statue. Activate it.
  • You will be given a menu: "Start New Run" or "Rebuild From File."
  • Select "Start New Run" and everything will be placed! If you have ConScribe installed, then a spoiler log will be generated with your character's name. It can be found in your Data\ConScribe Logs\Per-Mod folder.

Replay or Play Someone Else's Randomized Run:
  • Go to your Data\ConScribe Logs\Per-Mod folder.
  • The mod will read whatever file is named "BuildMe.log" so copy or rename your spoiler log to "BuildMe.log"
  • Once in-game, activate the statue again, but this time select "Rebuild From File."
  • After a brief moment, you will be good to go! A spoiler log will still be created if you want to compare and make sure everything is accurate.
  • Included in the mod is my own BuildMe.log file. It was my first successful playthrough with all factions and main quest.

  • Add Miscellaneous Quests support
  • Add Shivering Isles support
  • Allow toggles for excluding groups of items from being randomized
  • LINK support, because I saw it shortly before publishing this mod and that would be cool to use.
  • (Maybe) Add Knights of the Nine support
  • (Maybe) Add DLC support, such as DLC player homes and horse armor
  • (Maybe) Randomize leveled lists, such as items and creatures

Known Issues/Compatibility:
  • In my main array/list for tracking containers, I must have a few unintended duplicates somewhere as they don't line up. This means some quests may give no rewards while others will give more than they are supposed to. Fixed! Please see stickied post for details.
  • Because this mod affects so many quests, dialogue, and scripts, it is overriding fixes from the Unofficial Patch and reintroducing bugs. I have been re-fixing these as I go through my test playthroughs, but there's always the chance that I missed one.
  • Related to the above, but there's a chance that some quest triggers may trigger too early or you may get locked out of something. Again, I have been fixing these as I go along, but there's a lot of random combinations that I may have missed. For example, getting the Ring of Burden before checking the Cheydinhal well could prevent you from accessing Vidkun's inventory, so now you also get a key upon completion of the quest.
  • Alternative Beginnings - Arena start has been "patched." For now, after items are placed it will just give you what would normally be the Arena raiment. This only happens if Alternative Beginnings is loaded.
  • Open Cities - Open Cities Classic and Open Cities Reborn have been "patched." Using the "GetFormFromMod" command, the "Lost Histories" book for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Dead Drop in the Skingrad well will now be placed accordingly if either of these is installed.
  • Overhaul Mods (MOO, OOO, War Cry, etc.) - While I can't guarantee compatibility with overhaul mods (I'm using Vanilla for testing) I try to maintain compatibility by removing/moving/adding items using scripts instead of directly editing containers and NPCs as much as I can. As long as said mod doesn't edit dialogue, AI packages, quests, and quest scripts, it should be compatible.