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Adds an alchemy sorter to the Frostcrag Spire official DLC plugin. Update of the original mod by shiva7663 to fix an issue where it would appear before buying the alchemy lab.

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This updated version of Frostcrag Alchemy Sorter by shiva7663 fixes an issue where the alchemy sorter would appear even before purchasing the alchemy lab from Aurelinwae (it would float in the air). With this update, it now enables only after buying the alchemy lab, and can also be installed mid-game even when the alchemy lab is already bought.

If you find that after installing this mod mid-game that the alchemy table does not have the alchemy sorter on it (because you have already purchased the alchemy lab before installing this mod), you can try disabling and re-enabling the alchemy station by using the console:

1. Open the console.
2. Click the alchemy table.
3. Enter the command "disable" and press enter.
4. Enter the command "enable" and press enter.
5. Close the console.

The alchemy sorter should now appear on your save where you have already purchased the alchemy lab.

Requires Cobl. This mod is mergeable into the bashed patch in Wrye Bash.