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The weapon that grows as you use it: Dusfergon.
Ready for a full playthrough and adapts to your whims!

Permissions and credits
Growth Armor - Zefiros


Growth weapons are something that appear every now and again in RPGs.  Either towards the endgame or in the postgame, you find a weapon that's definitively worse than everything you already have -- but it's description says it'll grow stronger if you do X.  So you do X a lot, and now it's stronger than everything else you have by a country mile.

Intended for new playthroughs, Dusfergon is a weapon that will grow with you and beyond you as it is used.  Starting out as basically a fancy looking iron claymore that suddenly popped into your inventory, it will grow into something which definitely, most certainly, without a doubt breaks the Geneva convention.

But fret not, already born Champions of Cyrodiil!  You can feed it your massive stockpile of weapons to fast track its growth ...Or use console commands to bring Dusfergon to your power level (or any power level, really).  Instructions in the ReadMe.txt so people who don't want to know can continue not to know!

Dusfergon also comes with an extensive .ini, allowing you to tweak every stat to your liking -- even the name and keybindings!  Did I mention it has over 400 lines?


Enchantment Options:  No longer are you completely subject to my choice in enchantment!  Upon first getting an enchantment and at fixed intervals thereafter, you can select 1 of 10 effect sets to grow on Dusfergon.  Dusfergon's enchantment can have more than 8 effects, Oblivion's UI limit, so you can also Ctrl + RMB Dusfergon from your inventory or press 9 ingame to get a list of all effects and their values!

This Isn't Even My Final Form:  Don't like claymores? WHY YOU HEATHEN Want to use it one handed?  Prefer blunt weaponry because that's your character?  Got arrows?  RMB Dusfergon from your inventory and beHOLD :  you can change Dusfergon to be either a Claymore, Bastard Sword, Longsword, Shortsword, Dagger, Warhammer, Battleaxe, Mace, Waraxe, Bow or Staff -- with anywhere from 10 to 70 model options for each (See images for a sampling), for a total of 373 meshes!  The stats are even adjusted based on your choice!

Quickswap:  Tired of constantly entering your inventory and wading through menus just to switch from your opener to something more battle ready?  Press V to quickswap back to your last used form.  Yeah, like in Half-Life.  Now you can switch from ranged to melee without the hassle!

Wabbajack:  Indecisive?  Analysis paralysis?  Challenge run?  Streaming?  Just bored?  Random!  Yes, that's right:  there's a Random option when choosing Dusfergon's form.  Really like what you get?  Well, just Shift + RMB Dusfergon from your inventory or press 0 ingame to be told the form's name and which menu it came from!  And if you're especially addicted to gambling, you can even press G ingame to activate Random as well...!  Or, just, like, make a key macro to hit G every 10 minutes for a weapon randomizer run.  I'm not your mom.

Careful With That Thing:  In the highly unlikely event you mistreat Dusfergon so badly it breaks, Dusfergon will delevel!

Weapon Eater:  Having a growing weapon kinda means there's no point to looting all these other weapons aside from monetary gain... Well, actually, there is:  you can sacrifice those weapons to Dusfergon to repair, recharge and give it a boost of XP!  RMB any weapon in your inventory while carrying Dusfergon and you will be prompted to offer it up in the name of the Greater Good.  And thanks to the ini settings, you can even have this be the only method of gaining XP!

MIMIC:  No longer must ye wait for thee heavans on hi to grave yonder hill with new patchies!  Just Shift + RMB any weapon in your inventory to have Dusfergon mimic its appearance, no sacrifice required.  Additionally, the latest mimic is saved to the mod, so you won't need to lug around the spare weapon either!  The sub-type is determined by looking at the weapon's speed and/or reach, and the thresholds for each sub-type can be modified in the ini settings.

Dynamism:  Within the ini can be set a dynamic level cap!  Sure, it can be static, but it could also be your level!  Or your skills!  Or your fame!

XP Transfer: Because Agremon and Dusfergon use the same XP structure, you can transfer your progress from one weapon to the other with console commandsYou know where to read.

Controller Support:  Unbound by default, you can register specific controls for hotkeys in the ini, allowing a basic form of controller support.

Ok, but how does it really work?  Included in the archive are copies of all Dusfergon's code under Data/Docs/Dusfergon/Scripts.


Install the files into your Oblivion\Data\ directory either manually or with your favorite mod manager.
Enable the .esp


Disable the .esp
Delete the Data\Docs\Dusfergon, Data\Meshes\Weapons\Dusfergon, Data\Textures\Weapons\Dusfergon, Data\Textures\Menus\Icons\Dusfergon folders, Dusfergon.ini under Data\ini and GrowthWeapon_Dusfergon.esp.
Or use the mod manager you installed this mod with!


When offering weapons, the highest durability instance will be consumed.


Suhoi72 - Bastard, Merciless, Wolf
noirq - Fixing the collision meshes for Suhoi72's swords
Lazarus89 - Somewhat Realistic SwordsThe Dungeons of Ivellon
billryo - Serenity
Adonnay - Classical Weaponry, Classic Sword Replacer
Gardelin - Classic Sword Replacer Extended
Waalx - RealSwords BretonNord, Goblin, Dunmer, Khajiit, Redguard, BosmerArgonianOrc
Alastor117 - Daedric katana
Andragorn - Mirondil, Thorgeir, Sotonhorian, Ziragon warhammers, battleaxes, maces, waraxes
Lexx666 - Sathix
tda Armoury - Akatosh
Trollf - Armamentarium Staffs
Havelock and Dorje - Staff of Magnus Modder Resource
talion - TES Arena Replica - Staff of Chaos
Isilmeriel - Nazgul Sword Set V2
LilaMue - LilaMue Axes
templargfx - Mauler Pack V3
RDjeke - Art of War Weapon Pack


Prototype: Shurifen
Foundation: Agremon


Serenity and Classical Weaponry require permission from their respective authors to be used in your own works.

Tell me if you use my mod in something.  Not because you need permission, but because I want to see what cool thing it's being used for!
However, if the work is a paid product, you WILL need permission.  I did not release this for free just so you could make a buck.  Cut me a share.


Q: Why is there an F.A.Q.?
A: Because preempting questions.

Q: Growth armor?
A: It's out.

Q: Why are there fewer blunt options than blade?
A: Because model makers really prefer swords to not swords.

Q: Dusfergon is just a crappy claymore/bow/staff when I start the game!
A: Not phrased as a question, but OK.  That's Dusfergon's base model and stats.  All that jazz is changed by the scripts, which Oblivion will take its sweet time to run when you first boot up.  I slap Oblivion across the face into lowering the script delay, but can only do this after my scripts start to run.  That first load after booting Oblivion will always be randomly slow.

Q: The enchant effects' order is different!
A: Similar reason to above.  Just like Dusfergon has a base model and stats that are adjusted by the scripts, the enchantment starts off as completely blank and the scripts add effects to it.  When leveling up, the new effects are just slapped onto the end, but when initializing from scratch the order is whenever they're added by the code, which is usually related to when I added the relevant enchant option.  Weakness to Magic will always be last, because my own testing has shown it just doesn't fully work if it's anywhere but last.

Q: I updated and my form's all wrong!
A: Dusfergon determines the model and type based on a certain global value that's saved in your save game, and maps that value through a function to the right form.  Between updates I may shuffle around the ordering of that mapping because I was either making the list more organized or added some new forms.  Your global value is still the same, but now it points to a different thing.

Q: Why didn't you include weapon X, Y or Z?
A: While I can keep adding pages, I also can't.  For one, it'd get hard to navigate.  Oblivion's UI functions weren't exactly made with big lists in mind.  On this front I capped each sub-type at 10 pages, which Longsword and Staff already hit.  There's also the fact I already scanned the Nexus's entire Weapon category for historically accurate weapons, and this is all I could get permission for.  I have a real disgust for overdesigned equipment, as seen in many MMOs.

All this said, now that I've got so many historically accurate models around, I'm less opposed to adding a few fantastical ones here and there.  Still gonna give preference to the realistic ones.

Q: Why didn't you include more vanilla weapons, then?
A: Because I'm super duper ultra mega sick of vanilla designs.  The current ones in are by request, since I've got enough likeable shapes to let it slide.  What about other Artifacts, then?  If Dusfergon could transform into another Artifact that'd kinda trample on that Artifact's identity.  The unique model is literally one of the criteria for classifying an item as an Artifact.  Dusfergon is also an Artifact, albeit a non-canon one.

Q: Why did the icon not change to the model?
A: Not every model came with icons and I don't know how to make them, so I just had 'em use a default.

Q: Why is X a type A and not B?
A: When determining sub-type, I looked at the overall length of the weapon in NifSkope and ingame.  There's a wide variance in lengths across blades and I had to decide a cutoff point for each.  Falshion is the longest I'll allow shortswords to be; if it's even 1 pixel longer, it's a longsword.

Q: More enchant options?
A: I've decided not to add paging to the enchant option menu, so there's a hard limit of 10 options -- which we're at as of V1.4.  I try to design ones that are immediately useful but not broken (since they can be grown into broken).  I've sworn off Demoralize, Turn Undead, Calm and Paralysis because those effects - even for 1 second - stunlock the opponent unto death.

Q: What armor are you wearing in the images?
A: It's a Witcher 2 rip, found while asking google for male Oblivion armors after scraping the bottom of the Nexus barrel.  Because the Nexus views posting rips as piracy and piracy as a bannable offense, don't ask any further.  Just google yourself for male Oblivion armor.  Also Concealing Hoods' Concealing Black Hood and Rangers Shroud Armor's face mask.

Q: Why are the Known Issues?
A: OK, so...

I can tell what base object you're looking at in your inventory but not the exact item, because inventories in Oblivion are a hellish noman's land where variables cease to exist.  Basically, I know you're looking at a Glass Longsword, but I don't know which of the 5 you have is being looked at.  So, I have OBSE use black magic to get temporary references for all of your Glass Longswords and pull off the first one that comes up.  This is usually the one with the highest durability.  But not always.  Nothing I can really do about it, unless the OBSE team comes back together and releases v22.

Q: Next update?
A: Not really.  My magnum opi are out, so what's next is refining/writing them.  But on the back burner.  It's been 5 months since this series started with Shurifen.