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A music addon for Oblivion featuring an orchestral soundtrack by me, Jon Babb, and also featuring performances from some of the most talented musicians and vocalists in the world. This mod is a long awaited follow-up to the original Oblivion Music Overdose, and even more music is planned to be released depending on the interest in this.

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Oblivion Music Overdose 2

ello, my name is Jon and I am the creator/composer of the Morrowind Music Overdose series and now the Oblivion Music Overdose series. As a quick disclaimer, if you plan to use my music in your YouTube videos, then please send me a message here on the Nexus if you run into any problems or send me an email at [email protected] -- you have permission to use my music, but knowing YouTube these days, I am not filled with confidence. Also, there are two downloads for this mod. One will replace the title music and the other will not, though you can do this yourself simply by moving tes4title into the 'Special' music folder, I just did this for your convenience. I recommend you download this mod manually so you can browse the extras and goodies at your leisure as I update the mod (there is an optional track with no vocals for those who have different preferences).

This latest music mod offers performances from some the most talented musicians and vocalists in the world.
With original works composed to blend with Jeremy Soule's tracks, this mod also features the beautiful solo voices of Asja Kadric, Larisa Martinez, Hania Zdunek, and Joy Dreamer.

It is my pleasure to finally introduce to you Oblivion Music Overdose 2 -- a vision I have had since releasing the original Oblivion Music Overdose back in 2012. First of all, let me say thank you for downloading and using this mod; it means a lot to me to know that my music is being heard across the beautiful world of Cyrodiil. Oblivion is, and will always be, my favourite Elder Scrolls title; and assuming you are still playing the game then I can safely say that you are a fan as well. So, for our mutual love for Oblivion, let me give you an opportunity to help keep it alive and strong.

I originally intended to release a new music mod for Skyrim, as you can see in this video, but to be honest nothing compares to the experiences I had in Oblivion. So, as a result, I decided to release the music to this mod. That being said, this is just a trial run for me. I am waiting to see what the response will be to this mod before I release more music for Oblivion.

If you want to hear more music in a possible follow-up mod or update, then PLEASE LET ME KNOW in the comments/posts section on the Nexus page. You should also post any comments
or questions you have and I will respond with due haste.

In any case, thank you again. I hope you enjoy the music, and may it enrich the experience for you within the game.


Jon Babb

Asja Kadric
Larisa Martinez
Hania Zdunek
Joy Dreamer

Solo Violinist
William Stewart

Solo Cellist
Carolina Teruel