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Bash Tags text files for some mods, for use in Wrye Bash.

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Here are some additional Bash Tags for mods that were not added by LOOT or the original author. You only need to install these like any other mod, place it in your Data folder or install in BAIN. It doesn't matter if you don't use all of the mods. Wrye Bash will automatically pick up these text files and the Bash Tags will be added and you can rebuild your Bashed Patch.

I have used the Tag Generator v1.6.1.3 and v1.6.3.0 by fireundubh found here, and then reviewed the suggested Bash Tags afterwards (it is still rather experimental, and use this script with only one mod you want to generate tags for loaded at a time). I also added new bash tags such as Text to mods that never had it due to it being a recent tag.

Recommended: Close and re-open Wrye Bash after installing the archive to make sure the new tags are applied. Don't use CBash as it's redundant now and highly broken. I strongly recommend you run LOOT regularly to update the masterlist, as Wrye Bash gets its bash tag data from there.

Mods covered:

(I stopped adding to this list, either check the version history or the requirements tab for the latest additions.)

Official DLC
A Dog for Bhisha
All Natural
Alluring Wine Bottles (With Real Glass)
Alternative Start by Robert Evrae
An Unexpected Company
AoG - Greed Arena
Av Latta Magicka - All modules
Better Abandoned House
Better Dungeons
Better Cities Full
Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Birthsigns Expanded
Book Jackets Oblivion
Casual Conjurers
CM Better Wine - Shivering Isles
Cobl v174
Colored Quests --- Use PBash for this. CBash cannot import some NoMerge tagged mods correctly. Sorry, only way to make it work.
Colorful Clothing - Middleclass
Creature Diversity
Daedric Shrines Prodded With A Stick
Dahyka's Vanilla Racial and Birthsign Tweaksv2.2
Devastation of Kvatch
Devastation of Kvatch Redux
Enhanced Vegetation
Enhanced Water v20
Generic Name Overhaul
Give Me My Shader Effects
Glowing Fractured Soulgems
Harvest Flora
Immersive Weapons
Improved Fires and Flames - Increased Sound
Instruments of Cyrodiil
Knightly Orders for Cities
Knights of the Nine Cobl addon
Kragenirs Death Quest
Kvatch Rebuilt
Legion Armor Revised Classic
lLet there be Flowers
Less Annoying Magic Experience (LAME) - All modules
Local Guards Features
Lore-Friendly Replacer for Default Hair for OCO v2
Lost Sorceries of the Ayleids
Lubrons patch - No More Wild Goose Chases
Magic and Enchantment Effects Overhaul
Magic Visuals Overhaul
MannimarcoRevisited UOP Patch
Midas Magic Spells of Aurum
More Magical Mages Guild Halls
More Sensible Grammar
Mysterious Bear's Epic Necromancy
No Annoying Conjurer Attack (Spell Tomes DLC fix)
NPC Hair Matches Beard
Oblivion Character Overhaul Hair Edition
Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2
Oblivion Citadel Door Fix
Oblivion Uncut
One of a Kind Weapons
OverPowered Weapons
Race Balancing Project
Races and Birthsigns Rebalance
Reclaiming Sancre Tor
Reworked Race Relations
Shadier Shady Sam
Simple Oghma Infinium Crash Fix
Skyrimized waters
Tales of Cyrodiil
Thieves Den Barter for Upgrades
tejon's Racial Adjustment Package (TRAP)
Unique Landscapes Compilation and Brena River Ravine
Vampire Power
Vanilla Combat Enhanced
Variant Vagabonds
Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts
Weapons Of Morrowind

All mods by IcelandicPsychotic

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OOO I&A - OOOExtended Difficulty Adjustments
tbskGuardsFeatures OOO Patch

Note: Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp can't be added due to it sharing a name with its ESM. Add the following tags manually to it: