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Lets you prevent CSE crashes without uninstalling Ely's Pluggy.

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My CSE have been crashing at launch because of Ely's Pluggy under \data\OBSE\Plugins, so I decided to rewrite LaunchCSE.bat to avoid this. Basically, it just moves all Pluggy-related files into a separate folder before launching CSE, and after it's started, moves everything back. Commented copy included, no malware guaranteed.

Important Update: It seems that updating original Ely's Pluggy v122 to latest stable v125c (or dev v132) fixes CSE startup crashes. Hovewer, I haven't tested anything except lauching it yet, so this script is probably gonna stay here for a while just in case.


  1. Backup old LaunchCSE.bat which is located in the game folder.
  2. Overwrite it with new LaunchCSE.bat.


  1. Overwrite it with old batch file.

Further Tweaking

If you doesn't like that cmd.exe window, there is an easy way to hide it completely:

  1. Get Bat To Exe Converter (link is under Requirements drop-down menu above).
  2. Start it, open LaunchCSE.bat, set exe format to 32-bit invisible and convert.


I'm not really experienced in writing scripts, so if you think something is wrong or could be improved, feel free to comment. And sorry for probable mistakes, my English isn't quite good.