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Spire of Eternity is a 20 floor dungeon with alot of loot and creatures to kill, Their is a total of 3 bosses and many things to explore and see. I myself has played this and my total play time was 5-6 hours on the bases I kill everything and loot every chest. if you speed run it aka run past everything, Then it will be different.

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The Spire of Eternity is a 20 floor dungeon filled with many creatures, Loot, And bosses to fight as well as a few puzzle rooms and challenges that lay await you. I myself have played and tested the mod as if i just downloaded it,...  Along side looting everything and killing every creature and boss I spent a total 5-6 hours playing this dungeon, this will depend on your characters level and gear so I do want to say make sure you are geared up and ready for a fight and remember to save before entering "Hint.. Hint" And as you progress into the dark halls of the dungeon, For me it really was a challenge and i died a lot.... 

Speaking of, You will find a lot of chests to be looted on every floor and im not talking 1 or 2 per floor so maybe plan ahead with some space in your inventory. 

No Hand Holding!
The bosses are really hard to defeat... Lets leave it at that.

100% Complete Run
5-6 hours of Playtime - (Depending on your characters level and gear)
9-10 hours of Playtime - (Depending on your characters level and gear)
If anyone does an 100% complete run let me know your time.

You can find the entry to the dungeon by heading to Vilverin (Next to the Sewers entry when you start a new game.) Once their head east you will see the ruins on the hill, Its very close to each other.. Trust me you will notice it.

A spire created in the mythic era was built by an Ayleid King and his followers this spire was located in the large lake in Cyrodiil which to present day is now called Niben Bay, Along the line of the Ayleid Kings ruling it started to govern some mythical powers that channeled in the center of the tower, The Ayleid King Qel, Had created a weapon that could destroy the surrounding area and lay waste to the landscape ending all life.

At the time it was in early development but the Ayleid King wanted to demonstration his unlimited powers to the fast growing Ayleids, The King made the order to fire and his followers powered up the spire for an attack.. Sadly something went wrong.

The spire failed to shoot and in turn teleported the whole spire and island it was on to a distant location in the middle of the sea with the beam failing, It also fragmented and destroyed the middle part of the spire with the beam still exposed,. The exposed beam admits some form of magicka which makes the top half of the spire float in mid-air as well as a few of the surrounding towers.

They say the Ayleid King and his warriors are still in the tower planning and rebuilding the beam and the spire in order to return to Cyrodiil to lay waste to the world and recreate a new one, Its been many years since then, and their is no telling what state the king and his people are in..

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